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TV Shows: Top 5 TV Shows of the Decade

TV Shows: Top 6 TV Shows of the Decade

TV shows are one of the important parts of our culture. We always get into the character and imagine ourselves in his place when we see a Tv show. But we wonder how they are made. In this article we only going to talk about the top six series of the last decade. So without wasting time, let’s get started:

Games of Thrones Tv Shows

Game of Thrones: Tv Shows
Game of Thrones: Tv Shows

Games of thrones is a popular TV series which is famous for its amazing storytelling, graphics, fighting scenes, and portraying real stories. It is a story based on the struggle for dominance among many empires. All the characters in this series are equally popular and have their own fan bases. However, some critics have criticized the series for various raw sexual scenes. However, it is considered to be the best TV series of all time and of the last decade.

Seasons and Episodes Of “Games of Throne”


Breaking Bad Tv Shows

Breaking Bad is a crime drama show which is the story of Walter White, who is a high school chemistry teacher who creates a drug trafficking operation. It focused on the consequences of drug trafficking, the psychology of drug addiction, and the lengths to which people will go to support.

Seasons and Episodes of “Breaking Bad”

558- Part one2012
658- Part two2013

Fargo Tv Shows

The widely praised TV shows Fargo premiered on FX in 2015. It was based on the film Fargo, which was released in 1996. Noah Hawley is in charge of directing it. Fargo is a TV show that didn’t get much popularity in the beginning but gradually became popular for its storytelling and character-building. It is basically an ontological crime thriller. Team of Fargo claims that this series is based on true events. However, according to many critics, this is just another way to gain popularity and make their series hit. But it is true that this series is equally loved by audiences of all ages.

Here is the list of all seasons and episodes of this series:


Narcos: TV Shows

Narcos is famous web series based on the life of the drug mafia Pablo Escobar. In this web series, we get to see how Escobar climbs his way to the top of the drug syndicate. Also how he become one the most dangerous criminals and drug mafia in the whole globe. And how the USA and its Narcotics unit find a way to catch this beast from his safe zone colombia. First two seasons of this show focus on the lifestyle, internal politics, Escobar’s climbing to the top, etc. From season three we get to see how Steve Murphy and Javier Pena from DEA try their everything to catch the drug lord.


True Detective Tv Shows

True Detective is a detective-based thriller television series on the HBO network. Many people played the main roles in this series. True Detective is a detective-based TV series. It is a series that is appreciated and popular by all. Every character in this series is real. And some of the true events that happened have been brought up in this television series. Due to these reasons, this series is very popular among audiences. It is considered one of the best TV series of the last decade.

Here is the seasons and episode list of this series: 


 Peaky Blinders: TV Shows

Peaky Blinders: Tv Shows
Peaky Blinders: Tv Shows

peaky blinders is a British crime thriller web series. In the story of this series we see the story of an urban gang after World War II. Basically, this story is similar to the post-World War II gang wars. In addition, we see some detectives trying hard to keep the city clean. The series is largely due to one character, Tommy Selvy. The series gained a large audience for its varied dialogue delivery and stylish attitude. It is currently the most popular TV series.


Sex Education: TV Shows

Sex Education: Tv Shows
Sex Education: Tv Shows

Sex Education is a British comedy drama released on Netflix. It is basically a moderate school based series. In this series, the lifestyle of the female students of that school, the issues of sex and physical attachment with that lifestyle are highlighted. The series became very popular with teenagers in the 2000s and is currently one of the most popular series on Netflix.


Other series

The Handmaid’s Tale 2017

The Walking Dead 2010-2022

Mad Man 2007-2015

Vikings 2013-2020

Vikings: Tv Shows
Vikings: Tv Shows

Stranger Things 2016

Dark 2017-2020

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