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How Much Does Pewdiepie Make a Year?

Felix Arvid Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, is a famous and wealthy Swedish 25-year-old YouTube game commentator. His original YouTube name was Pewdie, but after losing his password, he restored it and renamed himself Pewdiepie, which is the moniker his YouTube admirers know him by.

Who is PewDiePie?

Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) is a young man who has become a rising internet star due to his YouTube material. Though Pewdiepie was well-known among the gaming community during his first year of YouTube blogging, 2012, he gained public attention when a Swedish newspaper, ‘Expressen,’ published his annual income for 2013-14, which was close to a whopping 7.4 million dollars, while his followers increased from 27 million to 37 million in that year alone. This YouTube personality with a large online following is estimated to have a net worth of over 61 million dollars. Based on these astounding statistics, he was named to the Times’ list of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People” in 2016.

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make a Year?

What does he do for a living?

His primary source of revenue is his fan base. He expresses his views and earns. Yes, as difficult as it is to believe, that is technically what he does. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That is not the case. Pewdiepie creates content for his YouTube channel after extensive investigation and exploration. The majority of it is made up of his actual and unvarnished opinions on several freshly released games. His ability to comment on the same, as well as his understanding of internet gaming, distinguishes him from other online game commentators. He has been changing roles with some large-scale channels, such as the Multi Channel Network and the Marker Studio.

He also wrote the book ‘This Book Loves You,’ which has sold approximately 112,000 copies. His marketing campaigns, mobile game downloads, and many associated sponsorships supplement his revenue.

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make a Year?

How did it all begin?

Born in Gothenburg, this Swedish citizen originally planned to study Industrial Economics at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. He eventually lost interest in his degree and dropped out of university. He made a living by working at a hotdog stand and developing and selling Photoshop art creations. For the first time, he launched a YouTube account in 2010. Later, he began commenting on other games and making vlogs for his YouTube channel. That is where he began to develop popularity, and the YouTube channel was his first move toward the global reputation he now enjoys. In 2012, his fan base surpassed one million, and by 2013, he had become YouTube’s most subscribed user.

This is how it works: When we watch a vlog or a YouTube video, we frequently encounter those little adverts before or between the videos. This ad income is mostly what compensates the person who is distributing his content. It’s simple math: the larger the fan base, the higher the ad revenue, and the greater the number of people who visit the material.

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make a Year?

Let’s talk figures!

As of July 2021, Pewdiepie’s net worth was projected to be at 61 million USD. He reportedly made $15 million dollars from YouTube alone in the last year. According to the data provided by the VidIQ Chrome extension, his daily profits from YouTube alone average over $10,000 USD. This excludes the sponsored videos he creates.

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Pewdiepie’s fame has also prompted him to volunteer for various causes and fundraising efforts. Among the notable charities for which he has campaigned or been connected are the Water Campaign, Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, and RED (a charity dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS).

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