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"The History of Pop Culture: From the Beginnings to Now"
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The History of Pop Culture: From the Beginnings to Now

Pop culture is mainly a dominant or powerful traditions and aspects of culture. We can see the reflection of this culture everywhere.  Till now, in newer cultures, it has had its impacts.  In today’s blog, we are going to talk about how this culture has run our society and life for a long time.  Also, we will talk about recent changes in this culture and their impacts.  So let us get started with this blog here..

Birth of The Pop Culture

Birth of Pop Culture
Birth of Pop Culture

If anyone wants to learn about the history of Pop culture, we have to look back at the beginning of it.  At the end of the 1950s, this culture started to take place in our life.  At that time, television, mainstream media style and a different society started to grow.  In a short period of time, it took control of it, and people started to use this thing in their life.  All the elements and trends of this culture are adopted by people all around the world.  And Pop culture has become a cultural giant.  We can find it in our dress-ups, media, lifestyles, and many more.

Concept and Originality of Pop Culture

Pop Culture is a collection of popular cultural products, practices, and phenomena within a society.  These cultural types always represent the youth people and the values of society.  Also, they show us the attitude and styles of the young generation to the world.  Creating new and innovative cultural products and practices is often an aspect of it.  It was possible because of existing cultural elements.  It can be both a source of new ideas and a reflection of the culture that shaped it.

Pop culture and Politics

Pop Culture and Politics
Pop Culture and Politics

Politics and pop culture intersect frequently.  Celebrities use their social media platforms to talk about politics, social problems, social drawbacks, and many more.  But these things were not available 100 years ago.  After they adopt it, everything started to change.  Movies, dramas even documentaries now cover various social issues in their shows, and all of these happen because of it.  Political discussions get influenced by it.  Public opinion is also getting influenced by the way popular media portrays certain issues.  There is a complex relationship between pop culture and politics.

Some Famous People in Pop Culture

  • Madonna
  • Michael Jackson
  • Elvis Presley
  • Taylor Swift
  • The Beatles

Pop Culture Over The Years

Pop Culture Over The Years
Pop Culture Over The Years


For many entertainment experts and followers, 1950–1960 was the “golden era” of pop culture.  Stars like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and more become superstars within this time. Television became very popular in this era, and some TV shows like I Love Lucy and The Honeymoons were very popular among the audience.

In 1960, major cultural and social changes happened.  For some wars and movements people of the world want some changes.  And musicians reflect it in their songs.  Also, in between this era, bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix came into the timeline of it.


If we started to talk about 1970, we will see Disco music become a part of Pop culture and become very popular with the audience.  Stars like Donna Summer and The Bee Gees were born and became very popular.  After the Vietnam war, the cultural movement became very famous.  Movies like Jaws and tv shows like Happy Days and The Brady Bunch have become popular.


In the opinion of most cultural experts, the 1980s is another great era of modern pop culture. Stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince became the industry’s main stars, and they again started to spread around the world. In 1981, personal computers were built, and for this reason, the cultural revolution started to grow.


In 1990, entertainment saw the rise of Alternative rock and hard rock music.  Bands like Pearl Jam, Thunder, and Obituary have become very popular.  This era was best for movies and tv shows.  Dramas and movies like Seinfeld, Friends, Titanic and Forrest Gump became blockbuster hits at that time.


In 2000, we got to see the rise of social media platforms.  Also, mobile phones have become available, and audiences can watch their favourite shows on DVDs.  Movies like Harry potter, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Taken were the most popular movies of this era.


The popularity of social media continued to grow in the 2010s, as well as the rise of streaming platforms.  Pop music artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran became popular, and movies like “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Endgame” became blockbuster hits.  Television shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things” became popular.  Also, audiences get to see the rise of various online streaming sites.  Artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars became superstars at that time.  Movies like Black Panther, Avengers series, Joker, Inception, and Shutter Island become blockbuster hits.


2020 is the era of a pandemic. Covid pandemic, people have sat at home, and online concerts and streaming have become very famous.  Mulan, Tenet, Top Gun Maverick, Batman, and Elvis became popular in between the quarantine periods. Black lives matter movements are also an important event of this era.

Thanks for reading.

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