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The Crown

The Crown: A Controversial Historical Series

The Crown is an amazing drama produced by Netflix. It is a very well known series, and people are fans of this series for its great casting and story telling criteria. Today in our blog, we will talk about some facts and stories about this series. So let us start the article.

Plot: Story behind The crown

In the first season of “The Crown,” Winston Churchill’s ascension to power and the events of World War II are addressed. The second season hopes to shed light on incidents such as the expansion of the Labor Party and the scenario in Suez. The third season focuses mostly on the Profumo scandal and Harold Macmillan’s climb to leadership. In the fifth season, topics covered include Margaret Thatcher’s approach to politics as well as the sad death of Princess Diana.

Total Season of The Crown

People agree that “The Crown” is one of the best and most popular TV shows ever made. People are really curious about the British royal family, and this plot is a great way to satiate that curiosity. Everyone has great interest in British Royal Families and their lifestyles.

It has in total of five seasons. Here are they:

1Season 1 ( Story of Queen Elizabeth 2)102016
2Season 2 ( Follow the life and rules of Queen Elizabeth 2)102017
3Season 3 ( Follow the life and rules of Queen Elizabeth 2)102019
4Season 4( Follow the life and rules Queen Elizabeth 2)102020
5Season 5 (Follow the life and rules of Queen Elizabeth 2)102020
6Season 6( Final Season)Will be announced2023

Casts of The Clown

1Claire Foy1-2Queen Elizabeth Two
2Olivia Colman3-4Queen Elizabeth Two
3Imelda Staunton5-6Queen Elizabeth Two
4Matt smith1-2Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
5Tobias Menzies3-4Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
6Jonathan Pryce5-6Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
7Venessa Kirby1-2 
8Eileen Atkins1Queen Mary
9Alex Dennings1Prince Edward
10Amma Corren4Diana, Princess of Wales
11Elizabeth Debicki5Diana, Princess Wales

Controversies over the series The Crown

Here are some controversial issues over the crown series is given below:

Payments: Issues of Gender Equity in Payment

Controversies around The crown
Controversies around The crown

When the BBC first announced that Smith would be joining the cast of Doctor Who, they offered him £300,000 for each episode he starred in. Despite this, it was reported that Foy was paid 150,000 British pounds per episode, despite only speaking a single phrase.

This sparked a conversation about the gender pay gap, and a petition was established calling on Smith to donate the money he would have made if he had been making Foy’s salary.

The Controversy Over Season 4 of the Crown

Controversies around The crown
Controversies around The crown

It has been brought to people’s attention that the impending fourth season of the Netflix program “The Crown” has been criticized for the way it portrayed members of the British royal family. The novels written by Deborah Moggach and Philippa Gregory had a significant impact on the first two seasons of the show. In Season 3, the cast expanded to include some new faces. Several members of Queen Elizabeth II’s family were the subjects of this show. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, will appear in the upcoming fourth season. An initial discussion on the trailer. The two were attempting to lean in for a passionate kiss. The showrunners called the finale “intense.”

What is the Future of the series: The Crown

The producers of this series have decided to end it following the death of Queen Elizabeth 2, which led to their arrival at this conclusion. They still have one more season of a show scheduled to be released, which will be the concluding chapter of The Crown.

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