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Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

People have been enthralled by the concept of a doppelgänger—a lookalike who is unrelated to you—for years. Aside from the possibility that a twin is roaming the planet simultaneously, it is even more unsettling when they are depicted in older works of art.

The Google Arts and Culture app has a feature that allows users to compare a selfie with a well-known historical portrait. Even celebrities joined in after this app was released. Check out which paintings eerily resemble some of the biggest names in Hollywood right now…

Portrait Of Jean Alexandre (1909) and Johnny Depp

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

One celebrity on this list with multiple doppelgängers is Johnny Depp. The way Jean Alexandre is portrayed by Modigliani in 1909 resembles the award-winning actor, down to his relaxed demeanor.

Modigliani’s use of color and painting technique infuse his somewhat distorted characters with new life. There is a striking resemblance between Alexandre and Depp in the way they both capture audiences with a wistful stare, despite the slight distortion in most of his portraits.

 Portrait of Johann Vogt (1628) and Robert De Niro

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

The 17th century equivalent of Robert De Niro was also a powerful and influential man. Being a member of the powerful Vogt family, who were wealthy landowners and diplomats in their era, Johann Vogt posed for this painting in 1628.

You can compare side-by-side portraits of two different Robert De Niros by adding a mustache and a pointy beard. We have to wonder if Vogt had the same ability as his contemporaries to portray a variety of characters with the same intense gaze and facial features.

Portrait of King Louis XIV (1701) and Edward Norton

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

One of the most significant French Baroque painters of his time was Hyacinthe Rigaud. Throughout his reign, he had King Louis XIV sit for a number of portraits, but the one he painted in 1701 is the one that has our attention.

The French king is shown in this portrait wearing straightforward royal accoutrements, and Edward Norton, the king’s doppelganger, imitates the king’s pleasant smile. The two are eerily similar to one another, even in stature.

Elzbieta Szemplinska (1939) and Nicole Kidman

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

Prior to and during World War I, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, also known as Witkacy, was a prominent philosopher and painter. Elzbieta Szemplinska, a celebrated Polish poet, is portrayed by him as regal and enigmatic.

The actress Nicole Kidman exudes the same air of regal mystery. She won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Satine in Moulin Rouge. She and the Polish poet resemble one another eerily.

Portrait of Soutine (1917) and Adam Driver

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

With his strangely stretched and discolored portrait paintings, the Italian artist Modigliani cemented his place in art history. His pieces may be unsettling to some; they even appeared in a scene of the terrifying movie It.

Adam Driver, an accomplished actor, seems to have a striking resemblance to this Portrait of Soutine. We can’t deny that Driver and Kylo Ren’s facial features resemble each other, even though Driver does not portray fear in the same way outside of his role as Kylo Ren in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

American Gothic (1930) and Amy Schumer

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

The comedian Amy Schumer is undoubtedly well-known, but there is also a well-known portrait of her twin hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the most well-known works of the 20th century, American Gothic, pays homage to Midwestern values and resilience in the face of adversity.

The painting’s creator, Grant Wood, was inspired to create the famous couple by his sister and dentist. The comedian’s nose, eyes, and facial features appear to be an exact match for the woman’s almost-unamused expression in American Gothic.

Self Portrait of Zygmunt Waliszewski (early 1900s) and Benedict Cumberbatch

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

Polish painter Zygmunt Waliszewski, who was born in 1897, became passionate about painting while residing in Paris. He copied there famous masterworks that were on display at the Louvre.

His self-portrait was one of the few originals he produced during his lifetime, and aside from the red turban he was sporting, he resembles Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor who was born nearly forty years after the painter.

Lady In Blue (1900) and Maggie Smith

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

One of Paul Cezanne’s final female portraits created during his lifetime is Lady In Blue. It now hangs in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s Hermitage Museum. The artwork was produced in honor of Madame Bremond, Cezanne’s childhood governess.

Maggie Smith and Madame Bremond appear to be identical twins. Smith, a renowned actress and winner of numerous awards, particularly resembles a striking double in the painting, particularly when wearing her Downton Abbey attire.

The Soul Of The Rose (1908) and Jessica Chastain

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

John William Waterhouse, an English artist, is well known for his Romantic style, which features delicate images and vivid colors. Despite not being a historical figure, The Soul of the Rose captures the attention of the audience with her passionate fling with a single rose.

The woman in Waterhouse’s painting has a similar type of complexion to actress Jessica Chastain. A noteworthy association results when you add that to some serious acting talent and a Juliard education.

Sir David Wilkie’s Self Portrait (1804) and Rupert Grint

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

David Wilkie, a Scot by birth, became well-known for his realistic depictions of historical occurrences. A very confident artist can do a self-portrait, and at the tender age of twenty, he did a great job of immortalizing himself.

Rupert Grint has a well-known face thanks to his part in the Harry Potter film series as well as his uncanny resemblance to Sir David Wilkie. He has grown before our very eyes in front of millions of viewers, so it does appear that Wilke and the young Grint are nearly identical.

Carl Adolph Feilberg (1835) and John Krasinski

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

Carl Adolph Feilberg was painted by Danish artist Christian Kobke when he was only 25 years old. In 1842, Feilberg, a Danish businessman, established Falkonergardens Fabrikker.

It would be easy to see that John Krasinski and this painting would be virtually indistinguishable from one another if we dressed him in period-appropriate attire. At the age of 25, Krasinski also experienced a career breakthrough when The Office viewers around the world began to recognize him as Jim Halpert.

La Scapigliata (1508) and Drew Barrymore

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

Given the striking similarities between Da Vinci’s La Scapigliata and the famous actress, it’s possible that Drew Barrymore knew Leonardo Da Vinci in a previous life. The charm of Da Vinci’s muse is the same in both print and film.

This character is somewhat modeled after Barrymore’s character in the Cinderella story Ever After. In a contemporary film, Da Vinci’s leading lady is brought to life by delicate features, a coy smile, and likeability.

Sebastian de Morra (1644) and Peter Dinklage

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

The court jester and dwarf Sebastian de Morra served Phillip IV. The painting, which Diego Velazquez skillfully executed, shows a direct challenge to those who kept him in a position of servitude for the majority of his life.

Peter Dinklage, who portrayed Tyrion Lannister’s famous dwarf on Game of Thrones, also has a very distinctive appearance. He won several Emmys for his performance as the cunning and clever man with a plan.

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Portrait Of Count Ludwig (1513) and Alan Rickman

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

There isn’t much known about Louis I, Count of Lowenstein, other than the fact that two branches of his family tree have persisted to this day. We have this likeness to enjoy because it was customary for lords and ladies during this time to sit for portraits.

One of Hans Baldung’s greatest works of art, this portrait is thought to be a close representation of the late, adored actor Alan Rickman. These two have a lot in common, from the wry expression to the distinctive nose that has become their trademark.

The Kiss Of Judas (1306) and Ron Perlman

Amazing Artworks That Look Just Like Famous People

The Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy, houses a painting titled The Kiss of Judas. The betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot, which set off a series of events leading to his crucifixion, is depicted as an intense moment.

Judas, who stands out in the painting, greets Jesus with a kiss and points to him as the victim who must be killed. His distinctive facial features resemble those of Beauty And The Beast star Ron Perlman almost exactly.

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