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These commercial actors have earned millions of dollars

Many actors and actresses in Hollywood, whether they are A-listers, B-listers, or even C-listers, enjoy some level of international fame. Some faces are recognizable from films, while others are recognizable from their appearances in television commercials.

Without ever appearing in a single film or television program, it is possible to lead a life fit for Hollywood royalty and even earn a respectable amount of royalties. Some actors have achieved great success and earned enormous sums of money by getting the lead roles in commercial campaigns.

Carly Foulkes: T-Mobile Girl

After earning millions as the T-Mobile spokesperson, Catherine Zeta-Jones resigned, and Carly Foulkes was formally given the pink torch. The young actress/model is very promising in the part.

At the age of 13, Foulkes started modeling. Before taking over from Jones, where she continues to make almost $3 million, she did spreads for Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Laurel Coppock: Toyota Jan

Toyota is a well-known automaker in the country. They therefore require a wholesome, young salesperson who is both helpful and naive, and Toyota Jan was the perfect candidate for the job.

The talented actress who plays Jan, Laurel Coppock, has appeared in a number of other films. She has appeared in shows like The Office, Modern Family, and Arrested Development, and she now earns almost a million dollars annually.

Sofia Vergara: Assorted Companies

Most people probably know Sofia Vergara for her iconic part on the popular TV program Modern Family. Thanks to endorsement deals, she was one of the highest-paid television actresses as of 2017.

Vergara earned lucrative endorsement deals from her work with companies like Head and Shoulders, Quaker Oats, Pepsi, T Mobile, and Cover Girl, and she went on to become a brand diva with a net worth of $94.5 million.

Jessica Simpson: Proactiv

Jessica Simpson is a “Jill of all trades”; it’s challenging to identify a skill in which she doesn’t excel. She has worked as a singer, actress, fashion designer, and author. Acne was one issue she battled while in the spotlight.

True to her nature, she made the most of her personal struggles to land a lucrative $2.5 million deal with renowned skincare company Proactiv, which allowed her to regain clear skin and inspire millions of others to do the same.

Michelle Wie: Nike

A rising star in the world of professional golf is Michelle Wie. She was the youngest player to earn a spot in an amateur championship at the age of ten. She was sought after for endorsements at the age of 16, and was regarded as professional.

Wie is one of the wealthiest female athletes in the industry in addition to earning money from competitions thanks to celebrity endorsements. Nike recognized her potential and quickly acquired her, paying her $5 million annually for her name.

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Estee Lauder

Gwyneth Paltrow is the epitome of an A-lister; in addition to winning numerous accolades for her work in film and television, she also appears to have found success in her naturally-occurring business ventures.

Paltrow has negotiated contracts with Tod’s, Coach, and now Estee Lauder over the years, so she is no stranger to the world of celebrity endorsements. With a little rouge and lipstick, she has earned $3 million.

Ashton Kutcher: Lenovo

Another one of those talented men who seem to be dominating every sphere of entertainment is Ashton Kutcher. He appeared on That 70s Show as Michael Kelso to begin his illustrious career and steadily advanced.

In addition to his work with Nikon and a larger contract as a spokesperson for Lenovo, which brought in $10 million in profits, Ashton constantly has a number of endorsement deals and investment opportunities simmering in the background.

Taylor Swift: Diet Coke

Taylor Swift established her reputation by penning autobiographical songs about her life. With nearly 200 million single and album sales worldwide, she is unquestionably one of the most well-known recording artists of our time.

Her trademark red lipstick was the ideal shade to catch the eye of Diet Coke executives. Swift made $26 million thanks to her stardom and a mix of print and television advertisements.

Stephany Courtney: Flo from Progressive

Who can resist the distinctive Progressive attire and the endearing antics of “Flo,” the show’s leading lady? We are amused by her comical misadventures as we keep an eye on our premium prices in search of lower costs.

Stephanie Courtney began her career as a stand-up comedian before moving to California and pursuing a more ambitious goal. She earns more than $800,000 a year thanks to some shrewd casting for the massive insurance company.

Selena Gomez: Coach

Selena Gomez rose to fame quickly after making a modest debut on the kids’ television program Barney and Friends. She established a solid name and reputation for herself as an actress and musician.

Selena benefited from her burgeoning fame by accepting a number of celebrity endorsements, which elevated her status among the young, wealthy, and famous. Her partnership with Coach increased her income by $10 million.

Britney Spears: Pepsi

Britney Spears began her career in the entertainment business at a young age thanks to her early work on The Mickey Mouse Club with fellow crooners Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, which paved the way for a successful music career.

Britney was one of many female singers who joined the beverage company for $50 million, suggesting that Pepsi has a specific idea in mind when looking for celebrity spokespeople.

Penelope Cruz: L’Oreal

Gorgeous starlet Penelope Cruz entered the entertainment business at a young age; at 15, she began modeling and making appearances on television. She has a devoted fan base thanks to her superior talent and attractive appearance.

Penelope has achieved success through a number of celebrity endorsements in addition to her award-winning performances in film and television. She is said to make $2 million a year promoting L’Oreal products.

Patrick Warburton: National Car Rental

One of the most recognizable voices in the industry is that of Patrick Warburton, who has appeared on screen as Elaine’s Seinfeld love interest and voiced Joe Swanson on the animated series Family Guy.

Warburton has also had great success in the commercial arena; thanks to his work with National Car Rental and his combined efforts in the fields of voice acting, film, and television, he now has an impressive net worth of $30 million.

Brad Pitt: Chanel No. 5

We tend to idolize A-lister Brad Pitt in his on-screen roles rather than thinking of him as a commercial actor. He most certainly doesn’t need additional income with roles in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Legends of the Fall.

His work with the scent and fashion juggernaut Chanel landed him in print and on television promoting their iconic perfume for $7 million; perhaps he just wanted to take an endorsement deal for the challenge of a new genre.

Beck Bennett: AT&T Commercials

The American actor, producer, and comedian Christopher Beck Bennett. His more illustrious works include a YouTube show called Theater of Life and a protracted appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Bennett’s big break came much earlier than these two projects; he is well-known for the $500,000 AT&T ad campaign “It’s Not Complicated,” in which he sits with young children and conducts interviews with them.

Beyonce Commercial

Beyonce is a famous and popular celebrity of her time. People called her Queen B for her bold personality and acting skill. Also, she has a huge fan base and many social media followers. One of his biggest commercial contracts was with Pepsi. It is about Fifty Million Dollars. This contract was the biggest commercial contract for a superstar at that time. But unfortunately, it was a bad decision for both of them, and Pepsi’s sales were reduced by 7/8 %.

Morgan Smith-Goodwin- Now That’s Better

Morgan Smith is a popular face in the industry right now. But in the early stage of her career, she started with various TV commercials like Morgan is Red, The Wendy’s Girl, and many more. After some time, she got her biggest push and became the face of an advertising campaign named Now That’s Better. She has made so many efforts for this campaign. As an example, we can talk about her hair color and reduce weight for this campaign. Morgan earns more than millions for this campaign.

Ray Romano Commercial

Ray Romano is an Emmy award-winning star and is famous for his television show Everybody Loves Raymond. He earns 18 million dollars per year for this show as royalties. At the early stage of his career, he does some commercials like Ice Ages, Bick sicks, Maser card TV spots, and many more. These commercials make him a more popular face to the audiences and fill up his responsibility to society.

T.J. Jagodowski- Sonic Drive-In commercial

T.J. Jagodowski- Sonic Drive-In commercials

T.J. Jagodowski is a famous improv artist and actor. He is 48 years old and is passing through one of the most beautiful times of his career. Jagodowski becomes popular after doing the “Two Guys” character in Sonic Drive Commercials. These commercials make her a favorite face all over the television. He started his appearances in television ads in 2004.

Jonathan Goldsmith-Dos Equis beverage commercial

Jonathan Goldsmith-Dos Equis beverage commercials

Jonathan Goldsmith is a veteran actor in American entertainment history. Goldsmith is now 81 years old and still considered one of the most underrated creative actors of all time. One of the biggest of his success is Goldsmith started his career by performing on the stage during the ’60s. Goldy entered the entertainment industry a little late. But he got hugely popular and become the face of television after starring in The Most Interesting Man in the world which is a Beverage commercial mainly. Goldsmith has done some films which are very popular. But specifically, he earns millions of dollars by doing his television ads.

Diane Amos- Pine-sol

Diane Amos is a well-known model, comedian, actress, and celebrity. Mostly she is famous for her commercial character for Pine-sol. Amos was so popular for this role that people started to call her Pine-Sol lady. Also, Amos was a movie and television star. Some of her popular movies and dramas are Patch Adams and The Wheel of Fortune. By doing Pine sol ads, she earns more than millions.

Dean Winters-Mayhem Commercial campaign

Dean Winters-Mayhem Commercial campaign

Dean Winters is one of those actors who have been in the entertainment industry since the 90s and is still popular as before. Winter was the star of Oz and Law and order: Special Victim Unit and made himself a household name in the industry. Also, she was part of the Mayhem Commercial campaign, which gave him almost four million dollars and still continues it. Winter faced so much trouble in his life. But he overcomes all the odds and has shone amazingly till now.

Peter Grosz- Sonic Drive commercial

Peter Grosz- Sonic Drive commercial

Peter Grosz is another part of the Two guys on Sonic Drive commercials. She is a popular actress in the industry for a long period. Grosz has starred in so many movies and television dramas including Veep, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and many more. She earned more than 2 million by doing the Sonic dive commercials with T.J. Jagodowski. Also, grosz is a great writer. Some of his written shows are Late night Seth Meyers and The Colbert Reports.

Melaniee Paxson-Red robin

Melanie Paxson-Red robin Commercial

Paxson is a famous actress from America and has starred in various blockbuster movies and dramas. She played Jaclyyn in Cupid, Sara in Happy Families, and Julie in Note from the Underbelly. These characters make her a household character in the industry. Also, she starred in Descendants and Descendants 2. Paxson has been in various television ads since the early 2000s. Melaniee Paxson is the face of Red robin, and people love her amazing voice in these ads. For doing this role, she earned lots of money with amazing appreciation from the audience.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire Commercial

Tobey Maguire is our favorite Spider-Man character and kids from all around the world love him very much. But if we talk about his previous life we get to see Maguire made his debut at a very early age. Then he did various commercials like Doritos. Though Maguire was not able to earn millions from commercials, this experience helped his acting career. And now Tobey Maguire is one of the heartthrobs in the industry with seventy-five million dollars net worth.

Isaiah Mustafa- Old Spice commercial

Isaiah Mustafa is a popular commercial star, actor, and footballer from America. Everybody loves his jolly and funny character. He is popular worldwide as “The Man Your Man Could Smells Like” from the famous Old Spice commercials. This commercial makes him a household name in the entertainment industry. Some of his partners in this commercial are Terry Crews, Wieden, Kennedy, and many more. Mustafa got $5 million for this commercial and was the highest-paid commercial star of his time.

Dennis Haysbert -Allstate’s national commercial

Dennis Haysbert is a fashionable Hollywood superstar with amazing popularity. One of his biggest strengths is his deep, powerful voice. Haysbert has done so many commercials and films. He was the face of Allstate’s national commercials and spokesperson for Allstate Insurance company for a long time. Also, he is famous for his punch line the commercials like That’s Allstates stands. Are you in good hand? Haysbert earned more than four million for doing Allstate commercials.

John Travolta Commercial

John Travolta Commercial

John Travolta is a lovely personality and charismatic actor from the seventies. He started his career by participating in Tv series named Welcome Back. Also, some of his great works are Kotter, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and many more. All of them are big hits, and Travolta makes her stronghold in the industry. After that, Travolta started to do some commercials. One of the biggest commercial projects of his career is the Safeguard bath soup commercial. This gives him huge money and fame at the same time.

Hallie Eisenberg – Pepsi Commercial

Hallie Eisenberg - Pepsi Commercial

Hallie Eisenberg is a great actress from the industry with some memorable movies. As an example, we can talk about How to eat fried worms and many more. But he was famous mostly because of the commercial The Pepsi Girl. This Pepsi ad is considered one of the greatest commercials on Television. There are many reasons behind it, and one of them is Eisenberg`s innocent beauty. She has earned more than one million for the Pepsi campaign only.

Tim Williams -Trivago Commercial

Tim Leigh Williams is a Hollywood actor from America. He is now fifty-three years old and amazingly working for the industry still now. His famous films include Valkyrie, Ninja Assassin, Labyrinth of lies, and many more. Also, he was part of various television dramas and films in Germany. Williams joined the commercial advertisements line then. He appears in commercial ads for famous travel website named Trivago. Williams earns almost Five million from Trivago.

Vince Offer Commercial

Vince Offer commercial

Vince Offer Shlomi is an Israeli-American movie and commercial star. He was famous in the commercials as The ShammWow guy or The Slap Chops guy. This underrated television commercial actor was the superstar of his time. He earned more than 2 million dollars by doing this commercial. Mainly children love to watch his shows and commercials.

Milana Vayntrub-AT&T television commercial

Milana Vayntrub-AT&T television commercials

Milana Vayntrub is a beautiful young sensation in the American entertainment industry. Mainly, she is from Uzbekistan. Milana is a Model, actress, and standup comedian. Vayntrubs has done everything in his little career. Milana was part of various Web Series, short films, and projects like the Life Happen and the American. Milana Vayntrub`s most famous commercials are broadcast on AT&T television. She played Lily Adams’s character and earned three million from this commercial television project.

Nicole Randal Johnson-Drivetime girl commercial

If you are a fan of sketch comedy shows, you must be familiar with MADtv. It is a sketch comedy show, and Nicole Randal Johnson was a cast member and writer there. In the beginning, she joined as a performer and became a writer for his great writing and imagination capacity. In her commercial career, she was famous for Drivetime girl commercials. She earns more than one million dollars for doing this ad.

Colin Fergusons-Maytag Commercial

Colin Ferguson-Maytag Commercial

Colin Fergusons is a popular director, actor, producer, and television commercial celebrity. He has done many Tv series and web dramas like Eureka and many more. Also, Ferguson did some stand-up comedy shows around America. This Canadian American actor got his biggest success when he became the face of Maytag as the Maytag Man. It is mainly a home and commercial appliance brand. Ferguson earns approximately 8 million dollars by doing it.

Charles Esten -Hardee’s-Carl’s Commercial

Charles Esten is a famous actor, model, and commercial television celebrity. He is mainly famous as Chip Esten. Esten debuted in the industry long ago and has starred in various Television shows and musical dramas like Nashville and Whose Line Is It Anyway. In the television commercials sector, he portrayed a White Beard man called Carl Harde sr. for Hardees-Carls Jr. restaurants. It was a great hit, and he earned almost one million dollars for doing this commercial.

Katherine Crown- Drive time girls Commercial

Katherine Crown- Drive time girls

Katherine Crown is an American entertainer who is also hugely popular in Canada. She is a multi-talented artist too. You can find her doing movies, dramas, television, reality, stand-up comedy, voice dubbing, and commercials. Some of Katherine’s popular works are Total Drama, stoked, and many more. But she got famous in the commercial television sector after doing Drive time girls. It was an ad from a financing company, and both of their castings got it. Also, Crown earns approximately $ 1 million from this commercial.

Angelina Jolie Commercial

Angelina Jolie Commercial

Angelina Jolie is a worldwide superstar from Hollywood. Jolie has many blockbusters in her career and has achieved many awards. As a global superstar, Jolie has always connected with global brands. Also, she does commercials for Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is a worldwide brand, and people love their products so much. So duo of these two popular things creates history. Louis Vuitton paid Ten Million Dollars for this campaign. Both of them get benefits from these commercial works.

Jonathan Simmons- Yellow M&M Commercial

Jonathan Simmons- Yellow M&M Commercial

Jonathan Simmons is a famous television personality who is loved by all people. He is a great household actor in the industry with films like Whiplash, Juno, La La Land, Spiderman, and many more. Like his films, Simmons`s commercials are also amazing. He was the attraction of Yellow M&M and the University of Farmers. He has earned more than Four Million Dollars by doing Voice of Yellow M&M.

Jack wood-Geico Gecko Commercial

Jack wood-Geico Gecko

Jack wood is a great and popular actor. He is a veteran of the entertainment industry and started working in the 1980s. With acting, he has experience in doing direction as an assistant. He starred in Only fool and Horses, kill-crazy and many more films. In the Television commercial area, he works for Geico Gecko. Wood was in this firm for ten years and made this brand one of the most successful among others. But unfortunately, he left because of some arguments about payment. Still, wood earns more than three million dollars from this Ad agency.

Paul Marcarelli Commercial

Paul Marcarelli Commercial

Paul Marcarelli. When you hear the name, you must remember his punch line on the fan-favorite commercial named Can You Hear me Now with Verizon. It helps marcarelli to earn more than 10 million dollars. He was at the very top of his career at that moment and averaged forty to fifty commercials per year. Also, Marcarelli joined various events, and award shows every year.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial

Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a famous model and superstar who has been part of the industry for a long time. In her time, most people love to work with her. Catherine was the main face of T-Mobile before Carly Foulkes. T mobile got famous after zeta jones joined their commercial campaigns. T mobile paid her almost Twenty Million Dollars. Also, she has done many films and dramas in her career.

Jennifer Lawrence Commercial

Jennifer Lawrence is a young sensation of her time with so many classic films and dramas. She was part of MTV`s show My Super Sweet Sixteen. This commercial makes her one of the household names in the industry. Lawrence earned almost six million dollars from this show and was one of the highest-paid female superstars in 2015 and 2016. People still love her for their amazing personality and beautiful natural acting.

Andrea Rosen Commercial

Andrea Rosen Commercial

Andrea Rosen is a talented actor and famous for her comedy timing. She starred in legendary comedy troupes Stella and Varity Shac. In addition, she has done some of the greatest television commercials of all time. Some of them are Take Me to Your Mothet, Toplait commercial, bing, new yorks lottery, staples office supply. She earns a total of 2 million dollars by doing commercials.

Ben Affleck Commercial

Ben Affleck Commercial

Ben Affleck is a popular actor and started his career very early. He starred in the PBS series The Voyages of the Mimi. Also, he was part of various roles in projects like Dazed and Confused. Affleck is the poster boy of the Batman series. But at the early stage of his career, Ben Affleck played his roles in various Burger King Commercials. It doesn`t pay him million dollars or give him a huge push. But by doing these, he gathered all the experiences for his future career.

Jerry Seinfeld Commercial

Jerry Seinfeld Commercial

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the lovable and richest comedians in the industry. People love jerry`s films for many reasons like stories, comedy timing, sense of humor, and many more. He is mainly famous for his characters and earnings by royalties. But at the early stage of his career, he does some commercials, which make him very passionate about acting. And now everybody knows him for his amazing personality, comic timing, and friendly behavior.

Tina Fey Commercial

Tina Fey Commercial

Tina Fey is an appealing star for her beautiful eyes and amazing figure. Like other superstars in our article, Tina started her career by doing TV commercials. At the very beginning, she worked in Mutual Saving commercials. But he got famous for Saturday night lives and the 30 rock series. Tina Fey`s best quality is she will talk to you about bank policy but in a totally different way, and you will love to hear that. Tina has around 75 million dollars as net worth, and most of them are from commercials.

Mila Kunis`s Commercial

Mila Kunis`s Commercial

Mila Kunis is a thirty-seven years old superstar in the entertainment industry. Mainly she is from Ukraine and moved to the USA at a very early age. After some years, Kunis started to do some television dramas, series and commercials. Her first push was from Lisa Frankk Commercial which made her one of biggest names in the industry. She has almost 66 Million Dollars and most of them are from her commercials.

Mark Ruffalo Commercial

Mark Ruffalo Commercial

Mark Ruffalo is a superstar from the late eighties. People love him for his manly behavior and friendly personality. Mainly his career started to shine in 1989 when he starred in the drama film named you can count on me. He is a great commercial star. At the beginning of his career, he did some underrated commercials. But he got huge success after doing Clearasil Double Clear Commercials. Ruffalo got more than 1 million dollars for doing these commercials.

50 Cent Commercial

50 Cent Commercial

Curtis James Jackson III, is one of the best rappers of all time. 50 Cent is famous all around the globe for its amazing performances and lyrics. He was in the commercial contract with Reebok, which is almost an Eighty Million Dollars deal. Mainly he was the model of G Unit sneakers and earned so much money. 50 cent is the face of this brand, and sales of the company got high after he joined their commercial projects.

Morgan Smith Goodwin

Morgan Smith Goodwin commercial

Morgan Smith Goodwin is very popular now for her acting in the television drama Veep. But at the early stage of his life, she participated in various TV commercials. And it was Fast food chain named Wendy`s. It makes her visible to directors and gives a huge push to her career. Also, Morgan is part of another commercial series named Orangey red. She has more than three million dollars in net worth now.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano Commercial

Ray Romano is an Emmy award-winning star and is famous for his television show Everybody Loves Raymond. He earns 18 million dollars per year for this show as royalties. At the early stage of his career, he does some commercials like Ice Ages, Bick sicks, Maser card TV spots, and many more. These commercials make him a more popular face to the audiences and fill up his responsibility to society.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Commercial

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most lovable entertainment superstar in the world. People from all around the world love his acting and personality. He has been awarded as the highest-paid actor for eight times in a row. At the early stage of his career, DiCaprio starred in various Television Commercials which give him the experience for his acting career. One of his first commercials is a 1980s Bubble Yum Commercial.

Jay Z Commercial

Jay Z Commercial

Jay Z is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood industries. People love him for his jolly nature and simple lifestyle. And for all of these reasons, many companies love to hire him to promote their company. As an example, we can talk about Samsung. Samsung hires them to do their commercials and pays them $20 Million dollars. And both Samsung and Jay z gets benefited from this campaign. This mobile company gets amazing traffic, sales increases, and social media followers. On the other hand, he gets too much money for this.

Paul Rudd- Commercial

Paul Rudd- Commercial

Paul Rudd is very popular around the world and for his simple lifestyle, all the people around the world love him personally. He started his career very early in the industry. But his first push was in 1992 when he got a role in Sisters, which is an NBC drama. Before doing this show, Rudd participated in the Super Nintendo Commercial. Also, he works in shows like F-Zeros, Simcity, The Legends of Zelda, and many more. He has more than Seventy Million Dollars as his net worth and half of them are from various commercials.

Steve Carell Commercial

Steve Carell Commercial

Steve Carell is a living legend of the industry, and people love to see him work. Carell is mostly famous for his work in The office, where he played the role of Michel Scott. He won many awards for his work throughout his career. But at the beginning of his career, Carrel did some commercials too. We can talk about Fast food joint named Brown’s Chicken. He earns more than fifty million by doing all types of commercials.

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