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7 Windows tricks to making your life easier

7 Windows tricks to making your life easier

Windows tricks are very important and necessary for their users. One of the main reasons for this is that people use their computers for many different things these days. They need more time to use time-consuming processes in their work. That is why most people are interested in learning about shortcuts and tricks. Also, these tricks help users improve their user experiences. In this blog, we are going to talk about these Windows tricks. So let’s start our blog.

Windows Tricks
Windows Tricks

Desktop Buttons for minimize screen

It is important to minimize all the open windows while working. It is important because, without it, computers can have many problems. Problems include slowing down, hanging in between tasks, etc. To solve all these problems, users need to do one thing. And that is done by using both the keyboard and mouse to minimize. To minimize the screen, use the mouse to navigate to the caption button and click there. Also, you can use keyboard shortcuts for this. The shortcut key is Windows Key + M. Alternatively, use Windows keys + Shift + M.

Fast Windows searching: Windows tricks

You can use the Search Index Option to improve the effectiveness and speed of your search. You can find all the files and folders there. It is automatically installed while installing Windows. But anyone can do it manually. Also, it can be turned off by default. The main shortcut keys for this option are Settings>Search>searching for your desired things.

Record full screen with Gaming Bar: Windows tricks

The Windows 10 game bar is a great tool that helps you record your gaming moments. If you’re a gamer, you know that capturing moments in your games is important. It would help if you simultaneously pressed the Windows and G buttons. Then it would help if you pressed the record button. There are also stop buttons for stopping the recording. Also, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint software to record the screen. To record, navigate to PowerPoint>Settings>Screen Share>Record button.

Dynamic Locking: Windows tricks

Locking your computer is very important in some cases. Like when you use a specific computer for personal office issues, you need to lock it to keep your data safe. There are some keyboard shortcuts for using this option. If someone presses the Windows key and the L button, it will lock your computer. It will protect your privacy perfectly. You must create a unique password for each website you visit. Also, users need to be very careful about their security by checking passwords at least once a week.

Improve Wallpaper Quality: Windows Tricks

Every computer user wants to make their desktop beautiful. The main reason is that computers are extremely popular among their users. Any user can set some beautiful wallpaper in the background. It automatically adjusts with the screen size of the desktop. Also, you can choose sizes and resolutions to find your best choice. Anyone can do it manually as well.

Remove The Malware

Install Windows Defender or another antivirus program to protect computers from virus attacks. Windows Defender is the number one antivirus until 2023, and it can help your device stay safe from malicious attacks, software, etc. Also, with this software, you can do immediate scans. So every user must install Windows Defender on their computers. An Internet Explorer user must also have this defense saved on their homepage if they install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for Windows.

File Sharing

A new option available for Windows users is very effective and perfect. This feature is called HomeGroup. It allows users to share files between many computers or devices. This feature is mostly found in Windows 10. Also, anyone can send and share files by using File Explorer. There are numerous shortcuts for locating it. Shortcuts like Alt+D, Ctrl D, Ctrl F, and Ctrl N Also, various third-party and Android apps have versions for personal computers. This software is ShareIt, ShareMe, etc.

That is all for today. Thanks for reading our articles. Stay with us to read more articles like this.

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