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25 Random Things To Say To People You Want To Shock

25 Random Things To Say To People You Want To Shock

“We say what we mean, but we don’t mean what we say.” -Oscar Wilde

Random things to say are very important for any person to create an amazing atmosphere around them. But it is also important to know what to say and how to say it. Because not every person and their surroundings are the same. And you can talk about something in front of everyone. You can not talk about your fantasy tour plans in front of your parents. But, indeed, random funny things always impress your opposite genders. Because they always look for a person with a great sense of humor and a comic touch. This blog post is all about these things.

So let us not waste our time and find out some random funny things and quotes we can say in front of people.

Random Things to say: To Friends

25 Random things to say
25 Random things to say

We all know that becoming close to someone is not easy. But nowadays people are getting closer to each other by using some simple tricks. And one of them is talking about funny things to make the person happy. Also, it is the perfect step for going into a relationship and hanging out for one night. We gathered some of the pickup lines we can say to our friends.

  1. I love to have your company anytime.
  2. I am happy that we have got the same vibe.
  3. In this big world, you are my favorite one I love to talk with.
  4. I wish I could spend more time with you, but I have to do lots of things every day.
  5. Without a second thought, I would ignore my thirst and pour an entire glass of water on you if you were on fire and there was a glass of water.
  6. You can take all the money. I have my faith in you.

Things to say: With a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

To create a stronger first impression on someone, you must stand out from the crowd. Only some flirty lines or poems cannot impress someone nowadays. You have to understand that person’s characteristics and focus on their interests. And then make yourself ready, always using your instant brain to grab their attention.

  1. How do you take all my breath? I think Asthma and you have lots of things in common.
  2. Oh my God. You have taken my heart as a cute cat does at the first sight.
  3. Sometimes I feel like either I should love you with my butt or my heart? Because my butt is bigger than my heart.
  4. I want to make you my pizza and have it delivered to me all night.
  5. I want to go to your jail and explore. Can you please arrest me?
  6. I think we both look awesome together. 80 percent of that for me.
  7. You are the king/ queen of my kingdom. Keep me closer so that we can make this more beautiful together.

Random things to say: To a Girl

  1. Hey, have you got hurt? Don’t you land from the moon to the earth?
  2. Don`t look at me like this, please. I can be lost in this ocean of paradise anytime.
  3. I have a name called ABC. But you can call me whenever you want.
  4. Can I plant you in my garden? Because I want to have more little flowers like you.
  5. Are you tired? I think you are tired because you are always running in my head.
  6. Do you sleep at night? If you sleep, what are you doing in your dreams?

Random and Funny Pickups line

  1. I think you are nothing but a parking ticket. Just look at your face man.
  2. Hey, look at this shirt girl. It is from husband materials.
  3. If I think you should be fined. Why are you running around in people’s heads like crazy?
  4. I love to read history because I am fond of having dates. So are you ready for this?
  5. Hey, calm down girl. Is there anyone from your family who is a boxer? Because damn, you are a knockout.
  6. We can try something when we are having a date? Can we go to my place? Or yours?

 That is all for today. To read more articles like this, you can take visit to our blog site and find it out. Thanks for reading.

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