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These Magical Photos Look Like Scenes From a Dream

Have you ever thought, “that looks like something straight out of a dream” after seeing something? Some things in the world appear to belong in a science fiction movie. These images depict the natural phenomena in our world that look too fantastical to be true, from odd animal bones to an underground oasis. Get ready to be astounded by real-world phenomena resembling movie scenes.

The Perfect Apples For Calorie-Free Apple Pie

Have you ever been tempted to indulge in the comforting taste of apple pie but held back because of the amount of calories in each serving? These frozen apples, then, are the ideal answer to this dilemma. They have no calories, and no flavor. Although we don’t know how they developed, these apple-shaped icicles look like they belong in a Disney film. Normally, it’s said that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if you bite into one of these, you might have to visit the dentist instead.

Hold The Heavens In The Palm Of Your Hand

Is this similar to the Men in Black scenarios where a whole universe can fit inside a marble? As the clouds part to expose brightness and rainbows, it appears as though you are looking into a turbulent sky. Who knows, maybe there are people in here. This handmade glass marble or egg has a heavenly design inside, yet it might not hold the entire universe. It is amazing how a work of art can elicit in our minds so many possibilities as to what might be contained within it.

Someone Turned Off Her Color

To make herself stand out from the crowd, this girl painted her entire face and neck. She seems to be living in a technicolor realm while the rest of the world is in black and white. Thousands of people attend Santacon in New York and Boston, where participants dress as the adorable Christmas character to enjoy a day of drinking and getting into the holiday spirit. Because no one else had the idea to commit to a color palette like that, this girl gets the award for creativity.

These 37 Million-Year-Old Bones Revealed A Prehistoric Ocean That Is Now The Desert

Whales and other ocean animals are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of the desert. One man thought he fell on a rock while exploring the Egyptian desert. I turned out to be a bone that belonged to a sizable skeleton that was buried in the sand. Scientists think it’s a whale skeleton, but how did it end there in the midst of the desert when there isn’t any evidence of water nearby? The bones are around 37 million years old, and the area was originally an ocean in prehistoric times. For someone who believed they had tripped over a rock, that is quite the revelation.

“I Feel The Power Within!”

Is this man now experiencing all of his incredible strength? That would have been fantastic, but we’re not sure. He has the potential to be real-life Superman or Mr. Incredible. It looks like he has extraordinary powers that most people do not. This is Lesman Paredes, at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships. He leaped from excitement when he was able to lift the bar, and the picture was snapped just in time.

Aren’t Cruise Ships Supposed To Go In Water

The door-to-door service on this ship is renowned for excellence. They take you up at the port and deliver you to your hotel directly in front of the mountain. Although the ship’s ability to land on land is astounding, how does it return to the water? Someone failed to consider that fully. This cruise ship is actually the Sun Cruise Hotel in Japan. Though it never leaves the mountaintop, the hotel has a boat-like appearance. Additionally, it has every nautical aspect a true ship would have. This concept is really original and creates a fascinating optical illusion.

An Ice Heart Perfect For A Marvel Villain

Going on a trek never guarantees what you’ll uncover, but this person came across the frozen heart of a movie villain. Everyone has that one character in a movie who they absolutely despise, and you just think that person has an icy heart inside of them. Although it might not actually be the heart of a villain from a movie, it is still pretty astounding that someone discovered this in the wild.

The Mysterious Case Of The Floating Telephone Pole

This pole’s base must have a cloaking device around to it. How does it provide support for the vital wires to the neighborhood while hovering off the ground? If you look closely, you can see that a fire destroyed the bottom of the pole. The pole maintains its position even though it is not anchored to the ground. It now serves as a spectral reminder of a fire that once raged through the region.

Don’t Go Into The Upside Down

This woodland appears to have an identical universe to the television series Stranger Things. While the lower part is corroded and uninhabitable, the top is brilliant and green with life. Unfortunately, Hungary experienced a toxic waste spill; this is a real place. High quantities of aluminum in the garbage produced the red, rusty effect on the tree trunks.

Sir, You Might Want To Move Out Of The Way There Is An Incoming UFO

Have you ever laid in the grass and watched the clouds, examining their shapes? Cats, dogs, and occasionally even farm animals are commonly seen by people, but they rarely resemble UFOs. This appears to be approaching the man and about to kidnap him, taking him back to the mother ship in space. Lenticular clouds are the name for these kinds of clouds, which don’t typically drift in the wind like other sorts do.

Cue The Jaws Theme Song With A Rock And Roll Twist

Jaws seemed to have been turned to stone by the men who were hunting him so that he might never again terrify the waters. He was going to devour them when they grabbed him, therefore he is preserved in the aggressive stance. This might be the storyline for the upcoming shark film. It takes place in the Arctic, and the megalodon has returned after millions of years to await its next prey. We’d definitely be interested in seeing the movie. They must restore the industry’s reputation because there have been so many awful shark movies.

Spirit In The Sky

The volcano ghosts have emerged and are ready to inflict retribution on the planet. Okay, so perhaps that isn’t the case, but we can’t rule it out. This phenomenon is similar to other light patterns that resemble the Northern Lights from another planet. Something produced these flares one evening with crimson bolts that resembled lightning. It’s unclear why this occurred, but it actually looks like souls are awaking in the night sky.

City In The Sky

Dubai is renowned for its amazing skyscrapers, which against the backdrop of the desert appear futuristic. The upper floors of the enormous buildings appear to vanish when clouds blow in. From below, they must seem to disappear into the sky. The view from one of the penthouses above the cloud line would be rather interesting. Every time it is cloudy, the locals must believe they have been whisked away to another planet. It like a scenario from a dystopian film.

A Giant’s Playground

Is this where giants go on sweltering summer days to cool off? They leave their mountains’ protection to dive into the frigid water and hang out with their pals on the rocks? It reminds you of a fairytale your parents could have read to you as a youngster. This is in Ireland, and it’s called the Giant’s Causeway because, according to mythology, two giants were about to engage in combat when they became intimidated by one another’s enormity and fled. Given how it was created, the idea that giants might come to play here is not that far-fetched.

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