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These are 3 easiest ways to make money online 💸🤑

These days, it’s alomst impossible to find a kid who isn’t passionate about the Internet. From the countless cat videos, to fierce fandoms, to every game genre you can imagine, the Internet is filled with amazing and fun things. This is why kids barely leave home to go out with friends–they’re already talking to each other online, from the comfort of their own beds, with a bag of potato chips within reach.

But you can also use the internet to make money. Be prodictive kids and use your phones and computers in ways to make money.

1. Online shop

All the stuff that is piled up on the darkest shelf of their closet, or the saddest corner in the attic and has no purpose can be sold online. There are plenty of online shops and sites where you could upload pictures of your stuff and sell it. You can take photos for posting on either online auction sites or social media.

2. Play Games

These are 3 easiest ways to make money online 💸🤑

Yeah – you red that right. You can earn money by playing games. A lot of programmers are looking for people to test the games, and will pay for it. Aside from the professionals, kids are often the best reviewers of games since they make up a huge chunk of the creators’ target market. You can even join competitions where they can win cash prizes and earn bragging rights.

3. Write and Blog

A vrey fun and interesting way to earn money and to activate your creativity. Just write some stuff that is fun to read and engaging, and it will make your pockets happy. Some of the things you can write about are reviews of restaurants, video games, movies, and books. Also, you could create videos, holding tutorials on fun ideas, such as how to pronounce Versailles properly, or what kind of makeup is appropriate for certain events. You also need to know that you can have ads put up on your sites or invite certain brands, especially the startup ones, to send goods their way in exchange for a review.

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