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The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Nostradamus, a French astrologer from the 16th century, is renowned for accurately predicting numerous global events years before they actually happened. As if he had a crystal ball, he astoundingly predicted crucial events in world history that no one could have ever predicted.

Nostradamus was so far ahead of his time that his prophecies are downright eerie, foretelling everything from unfathomable natural disasters to political reigns that no one could have predicted. Buckle up and get ready to be astounded by the subsequent predictions he made’s 20/20 hindsight accuracy…

The Year 2020

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Nostradamus predicted that World War III would start between major world powers in 2020. Although not entirely true, rising political tensions between major world powers have undoubtedly increased today.

Unfortunately, once it starts, this grim prediction of war is expected to last for 27 years. With the hope that politicians and government officials find peace, perhaps we can take this prophecy to heart and alter the course of world events for the better.

Princess Diana’s Fate

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Although Nostradamus missed the timeline by one day, he accurately foresaw almost every other aspect of Princess Diana’s tragic death at the hands of unhinged paparazzi while pursuing her and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed through the Parisian tunnel system. It was always going to be a losing battle.

Supporters of Nostradamus claim that this is one of his more accurate prophecies to date because he mentions the “penultimate son of the man with the Prophet’s name” and Diana’s name.

The French Revolution

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

In his quatrain referring to the French Revolution in 1789, Nostradamus uses the phrase “headless idiots.” The royal aristocracy was forced from its thrones by French peasants who had had enough of unjust aristocratic rule. They were then imprisoned and eventually executed.

After these occurrences, Nostradamus’ standing as a master of information divination was further enhanced. Stunned visitors to the fortress filed past a table with a copy of “The Centuries,” which was open to a page of his prophecies written nearly 200 years earlier, after the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.

The Great Fire Of London

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

One of Nostradamus’ writings that is perhaps the most puzzling to understand is the quatrain about the London fire, which even appears to mention the year in which the incident occurred. Many people interpret “twenty threes the six” to refer to the year 1666, when fire engulfed the old lady and threatened everyone who lived there.

Although some academics claim that a lightning strike caused the fire to start, other accounts claim that a rogue flame in a bakery is to blame for the tragedy. One amazing fact about this fire was that only six people perished despite 89 churches, over 13,000 homes, and the majority of the city being destroyed.

Nuclear War On Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

It appears that Nostradamus’ prediction of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II was accurate, as evidenced by images of “famine within a plague” and references to two cities experiencing destruction “the likes of which was never seen before.”

Nostradamus’ prophecy came true when the United States dropped two of the most lethal weapons imaginable on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The explosions claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and the attack had disastrous repercussions for years.

John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

The assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy was a tragic and significant event in 20th-century history, so it is not surprising that historians should consult Les Propheties for some perspective on the incident. “A dead innocent will be accused of the deed,” is what we are told, possibly alluding to the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who was fatally shot while being detained for the crime.

The association of this anticipated assassination with Robert Kennedy, the brother of President Kennedy, may have been even more shocking. Robert Kennedy was assassinated shortly after giving a victory speech for the California primaries in 1968, continuing what appears to be a Kennedy family curse.

King Henry II’s Demise

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Imagine King Henry II of France’s surprise when Nostradamus drew information about his tragic demise from the ethers as he was a close, personal friend of the man. The King, who had a passionate interest in jousting, perished when a splintering lance pierced his eye and skull.

The king was ironically once referred to by Nostradamus as “The most invincible Henry King of France.” The leader was tragically killed by one of his own soldiers much later, so future information must not have been available until then.

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Napoleon’s Career

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

There was a little word play in Nostradamus’ quatrain about Napoleon Bonaparte. Three towns that Bonaparte imprisoned spell out his name in French as “Napaulon Roy,” referring to the diminutive but mighty general.

One of the three antichrists predicted by Nostradamus, was Napoleon? He undoubtedly brought chaos to his small portion of the world. Nostradamus may have detected a strong personality and an even stronger ego.

Louis Pasteur and His Work

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Despite all of his contributions to the study of microbial decay, Louis Pasteur’s career ended in disgrace due to allegations that he misrepresented the scientific research on the anthrax vaccine in a New York Times article. On this occasion, Nostradamus was surprisingly accurate.

Years of study on bacteria and other living things that affect health and disease can be attributed to the father of Biogenesis. When Pasteur was at the pinnacle of his fame, Nostradamus predicted that “rumors of theft would dishonor the scientist.”

World War II

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

The second World War’s events are the subject of some of Nostradamus’ most intriguing and spot-on quatrains. We have a very detailed picture of these events, from in-depth accounts of air battles to Adolf Hitler’s rise and unavoidable fall.

Many believe that he has also written events that outline a potential World War III, with many unsavory predictions that don’t have to come true, should we choose a different outcome. The perspective of WWII has given us a clearer picture of where we don’t want to go.


The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

It appears that Nostradamus might have even foreseen the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Viper2097, a Reddit user, posted a passage from the quatrains that might be alluding to the distinctive business opportunities that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made possible.

A great nation is “severely troubled” when a new source of gold and silver is found, according to the text itself. Gold and silver copies that were inflated when they realized that the debt had used everything up. Although Elon Musk, Robinhood, or blockchain aren’t mentioned by name, it can be argued that the article foresees a cryptocurrency boom.

King Philip’s Reign of Spain

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

King Philip’s reign began in Spain with a prosperous reign, but his plans to build a prosperous empire were thwarted by a young onion. In his quatrain describing the ascent and fall of the monarch, Nostradamus actually made reference to the “young onion.”

Henri IV of France, who vehemently opposed the King’s allegiance to Catholicism, ended up being the onion. Up until Henri’s passing, the two were locked in acrimonious conflicts over religion and business.

Charles De Gaulle’s Leadership in France

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Nostradamus correctly identified Charles De Gaulle as France’s president in one of his most recent prophecies. During World War II, he was a formidable force to be reckoned with due to his crucial role in France’s Free French forces.

Nostradamus predicted that this French President would be a “three-time leader who would prove to be stronger than Hercules” in his quatrains. De Gaulle later carried out this prophecy by leading France as Fifth Republic President and Prime Minister.

September 11, 2001

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Millions of people have September 11, 2001, permanently etched in their memories. Many people find the quatrain’s allusion to the attack and collapse of the World Trade Center towers to be genuinely unsettling. One of the most tragic incidents in recent U.S. history was brought about by fire, precise angles, and tragedy.

The reference by Nostradamus to “forty-five” degrees is of particular interest to academics. Either interpretation raises the question of whether this tragedy was anticipated, regardless of whether it refers to NYC’s roughly 45-degree latitude location or the 45-degree angle of the destroyed buildings shortly after they collapsed.

Space Shuttle Challenger 

The Strangest Predictions Made by Nostradamus That Have Happened

Another day that many Americans remember for tragic reasons is January 28, 1986. Six astronauts and one elementary school teacher perished when the space shuttle orbiter Challenger exploded on this day while millions of Americans watched in person and on television.

Supporters of Nostradamus spread rumors that one of his quatrains contained a prediction outlining the disastrous event shortly after the explosion took place. While detractors noted that the prediction mentioned nine people being on board, other specifics predicted the astronauts’ fate.

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