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The BBL surgery is getting more and more popular and available

You may work out your glutes to make them larger and more sculpted. A Brazilian buttlift is an alternative for people who seek quick or more dramatic results (BBL). It’s become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. Despite this, the BBL continues to gain popularity, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It’s very common among celebrities, but it’s now available at much more affordable prices.


What is a BBL surgery?

A successful BBL results in additional volume, defined curves, and a butt lift by combining liposuction and fat grafting. Does this ring a bell? One of the primary factors of the procedure’s continual increase, according to many, is the popularity of influencers. However, once reports arose that the fatality rate following a BLL might be as high as 1 in 3,000, there are major doubts regarding whether the procedure should be continued. We spoke with plastic surgeons Samuel Lin, Lara Devgan, and David Shafer ahead of time, and asked them to guide us through the procedure as well as the debate.

A BBL begins with liposuction, which involves a surgeon sucking fat from various parts of the body, processing it, and reinjecting it into the buttocks and hips. Before surgery, the locations of intended liposuction and the contour of planned fat grafting are outlined (Shafer says fat is normally removed from the belly or lower back). Liposuction is conducted in the targeted locations after the patient is positioned facedown on the operating room table under anesthesia, and the fat is collected in a specialized system that separates living fat cells from liposuction fluid.


The fat is then injected into the butt locations that have been delineated. According to Shafer, based on the patient’s desired body shape, doctors may transplant fat into the thighs or hips. A few very small incisions are required, which are sutured closed at the end of the process.

What are the results?

What were the outcomes? A fuller-looking derrière that is rounder, perkier, and fuller-looking. “The BBL’s bodily makeover may be a cause for the surgery’s appeal,” Lin adds, adding that many people are honest about their procedures. “The procedure’s increasing popularity may be due to its increased visibility on social media and in popular culture.”

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