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Music Videos of 2022 that entertained us: Top Choices

Music videos now a days become one of the frontier to attract listeners to a song. Music industry changes very quickly. New styles and form of music are coming out and accepted by the listeners too. As an example we can say in past music industry was ruled by some of biggest rock bands like Beatles, Rolling stones, Gun and roses and more. But now it has become more diverse. Lot of new styles of music has been emerge and people are accepting these very easily.

But what are the top 8 music videos of 2022? Let’s find out.

Bejeweled by Taylor Swift

Only one person can make Cinderella her own, and that is Taylor Swift. Because of the unique twist she brings to the fairytale genre; Cinderella is a fan favorite. Laura Dern played Swift’s evil stepmother in the Bejeweled video, and the Haim sisters were beautiful young women in the video.It is stunningly beautiful to watch. You could hear gasps worldwide when Swift dropped her cape and dress to reveal her body suit.

Get Into It by Doja Cat

Doja Cat was a cat rescuer before she became a crime-fighting cat. She has a musical resume that is very impressive. Doja and her team of assassins rescue her cat from a space alien in the video for “Get Into It (Yuh).”The concept is silly, but it is told through characters who quickly become the two main elements that Doja can embody like no other.

The News by Paramore

Paramore’s music understands how to convey angst. The pop-punk icons use horror elements to confront the onslaught of horrifying news stories in their latest single, “The News.The glitchy, grainy effect at the beginning makes you feel like Hayley Williams is being submerged in a toxic drug, making her eyes glaze over when she appears on the screen.

Best Lover by 88rising & BIBI: Music Videos

K-pop star and singer BIBI is stepping into her STEM era and not leaving any stone unturned!It’s a very well-done, cheeky music video with a lot of holographic animation, and it’s pretty cool that it’s animated like a Pixar film. Bibi doesn’t want her new boyfriend to see what she can do behind closed doors, so she keeps their love life exciting and out of the limelight.

No One Diees From Love by Tove Lo: Music Videos

Tove Lo has a knack for songs about robots. She delves into a journey of heartbreak in her song “No One Dies From Love. The singer of “Best Lover” creates herself a companion through complex coding and sensual Virtual Reality sessions in the video for the song’s psychedelic single.Scarlett Johansson has always been one of my favourite actresses. She’s at her best in a cinematic, nearly-dystopian universe. Who says you can’t have a social life? I’m staying weird, Tove, and it’s working.

Iced Tea by Joyce Wrice and Kaytranada: Music Videos

Revenge music combines punk, heavy metal, and hard rock. The visuals will be great once a musician starts writing revenge songs. In the song “Iced Tea,” singer Joyce Wrice serves a glass of vengeance to those questioning her talent. There is a pop culture-inspired dream in Wrice’s music video. Her energy was like that of Janet Jackson, with a touch of Britney Spears’ dance number.

Saoko by Rosalia: Music Videos

Not to sound too dramatic, but ROSALA ate this music video… There is cancer in the blood in adults. In the music video for “Saoko,” a flamenco singer celebrates change. Because the camera work and pan controls are so good, you might not want to blink if you miss a shot.Madonna is the best singer who has ever lived. She set a new standard for how music and music videos should be different. This is wonderful. Since she is not always there, it will be easier to get along with her.

Max Cooper – Exotic Contents: Music Videos

Max Cooper’s “Unspoken Words” and “Exotic Contents” were released on March 25. This is a digital masterpiece that Xander Steenbrugge created. Cooper’s Unspoken Words project examines the challenges of using words to communicate.It isn’t easy to communicate since it’s internal and personal. Wittgenstein’s argument about private language raises the issue. He compares it to a bug that was in a box. He explained clearly that he worked with “Exotic Contents.”They came up with a way to see the tales differently. The music video work of Max Cooper is continuing.

How the music world changed between 2019-2022

There have been a few significant changes in the music world between 2019 and 2022:

The rise of streaming platforms

Streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others become amazingly popular among the listeners. Now people loves to stream a song or buy a online album instead of buying Album from the market. And for this reason musicians and levels are frequently releasing albums online now.

The impact of COVID-19

After 2020, most of the articles started to do online concerts during the epidemic period. One of the main reason behind it is COVID 19 aftereffects. People are not allowed gathered in public places that time. So musicians released their new song online and also started to do meetup with fans there.

The rise of independent artists

Another revolutionary and unique change occurs in the music industry is Independent, underground artists can have popularity without being signed by big recording levels. And it is only possible because of social media platforms and streaming sites.

The increasing importance of social media

Using social media to interact with fans and promote their music has become crucial for musicians. Artists now frequently use websites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to update their fans on new songs and other information.

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