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L’Amour – Jacquemus’s summer 2021 fashion show was a great success

We all remember the internet-breaking success of Simon Porte Jacquemus’s fashion show in a lavender field in Provence he held last summer. 

In March this year, Porte Jacquemus was in contact with the dancer Alexander Ekman, who got to the designer’s studio at the eve of lockdown in France. Needless to say, the entirety changed at the point he arrived, however, the reference remained. During a pre-show interview, Porte Jacquemus stated he desired his series to speak of affection and celebration, “like an easy American wedding ceremony or a harvest festival.” With anybody cocooning at home, he desired to create something “bubble-like” to symbolize the moment.

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The show befell in the French Vexin Regional parkland, which is placed about an hour outside Paris. Snaking through the sheaves, a dramatic wood plank runway ran 600 meters long, a setup the designer aforementioned was meant to evoke credibility still because of the brand’s more romantic aspect.

Ultimately, he named the collection “L’Amour,” a declaration of affection for his team, and besprent it with provencal references like ceramics, a verse form Miro, a corner of a grandmother’s napery, and a cullender of cherries. The show might have taken place within the nice outdoors, however, the garments nodded to what we’ve got all been experiencing within.

Despite complicated logistics, visually this show was an achievement. It addressed all of the problems dominating the style conversation in 2020 in terms of diversity, inclusivity, and apparent legitimacy. presciently, Porte Jacquemus last year had dialed all the way down to 2 shows annually. however a live runway, he noted, will ne’er get replaced.

“For me, the runway can’t be a video. It’s at the heart of what we do; it’s not superficial. It’s important to all of us to continue, just like a restaurant that reopens. It’s like a movie of a summer day. It’s our life.”Where Porte Jacquemus was very connected happened to be on dresses that channel the everyday Southern French insouciance: One-and-done numbers enclosed a polo dress, and a slinky black range with contrastivesewing, breezy wheat parcel beading, and tassels. many white dresses, one in broderie Anglaise, can most likely by bucolic-minded fans, bridal or otherwise. For men, a leaf print was as beguiling as animal skin knife-and-fork tassels were improbable; elsewhere, the statue maker motifs and cut-out hearts may strike a note with some fans. A sun-washed color palette of sage, ecru, black, and clay looked universally flattering. humourous earrings—coils, a Chiquito purse, a bar of Marseille soap—added to the fun, as did animal skin accessories sort of a harness for one plate, or the new Chiquito Noeud, a variation on the house bestseller

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