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Inappropriate Bumper Stickers That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

According to some, bumper stickers, like any other form of self-expression, are a type of art. They may also be used by people to endorse causes or candidates. The greatest ones are merely there to encourage a good chuckle! Here are a few of the silliest and funniest ones we’ve seen thus far. Rather than going on the risky roadway, you should check them out here!

Always Come Prepared

Millions of births are unintentional each year. Whether we like it or not, that is how nature intended things to work. Hopefully, the majority of them find love through chance. However, if you pay close attention to your preparation, you might be able to prevent this result. Here, a bumper sticker explains how this particular driver carries out that in his daily life. He only uses one reliable brand, and as a result, there is no baby on board.

We are happy that things are going well for this driver, but we are curious as to why they felt it necessary to inform us all.

An Uncommon Strategy

You’ve heard the stereotypes about men driving flashy sports cars. They purchase them to wow the ladies, but they need to flaunt their size for a purpose. We all giggle about the possibility that there might be a shortage somewhere because of that. However, we are perplexed by this sticker because it makes the opposite assertion. It’s a used vehicle with nothing unique. What’s the point?

It’s a variation on the initial concept. But in this instance, the driver is merely making up for having had too much somewhere else. Undoubtedly, it’s an intriguing trade-off.

That’s Terrifying TMI

Ladies and gentlemen, serial killers exist. Whether we like it or not, they act in accordance with their own rules. In the ideal situation, we discover them early. But regrettably, many of these beasts lie undiscovered for years. We have to question whether the murderer has a hidden desire to be apprehended after seeing the bumper sticker on this car. Right now, he is saying that he has a body in the trunk.

Or is he? It turned out that this vehicle was a town hearse. Knowing this, we believe the message’s meaning to be different.

Those Are Fighting Words

For many years, sporty drivers have preferred Jeeps. It wasn’t until later that a rival drove past, drawing attention. The Hummer is a big SUV that is very out of the ordinary. Some people use it as a status symbol because it is quite pricey. But it doesn’t matter what you think to this driver. Their jeep is OK the way it is. They claim that if they wanted a Hummer, they would call your sister.

We initially believed that this was just a car reference. But if we give it more thought, the message could be an even cruder insult. Jeep creep, leave our sisters alone!

God Bless You

Everyone has encountered someone who is unpleasant or arrogant. They are despised by everyone and frequently don’t even care. In circumstances like this, a unique phrase is required. This bumper sticker seeks to gently convey the issue to the worst members of our society. The reader is reassured that Jesus loves them just as much as anyone else. However, this is not how the planet’s inhabitants feel.

According to the sticker, everyone else has a strong viewpoint on the subject, and these individuals aren’t holding back!

Good Morning to You Too, Sir

We encounter a variety of characters while traveling. Road ragers are ready to start a brawl at the slightest offense. There is also this driver. Like other drivers who possibly bumped into this car, this sticker seems like a threat we don’t want to test.

That’s a Little Harsh

There are certain persons we are familiar with who don’t conform. They don’t mind standing out from the crowd since they dare to be unique. It’s possible that you are simply ahead of your time if you have a vision that nobody else can comprehend. However, a driver here has a valid point. You are not necessarily an artist just because no one can understand you.

You might be a freak who defies social expectations. Although doing that may be within your rights, you can trust that this driver will be honest with you.

We really hope not

In America, sick leave is a touchy subject. Every company seems to have its own set of rules, which may or may not work to your advantage. It turns out that only about 1 in 10 full-time workers receive any sick days at all. The fortunate ones are 1 in 4 who have one to five days off granted by their boss for medical reasons. When you break it down into numbers, it all sounds absurd!

Here, a bumper sticker informs us that the employee operating this vehicle has already used up all of their sick days. What did they decide to do? Simply call in dead!

What a Vision

The lives of chickens are limited as they sit in cages and lay their eggs. They occasionally wander freely and cross the street. Even so, we’ve reduced them to humor. Why did the chicken cross the road? Obviously, to obtain the other viewpoint. Why then do we mock these birds? Their motivations wouldn’t be mocked, questioned, and ridiculed if only we lived in a more compassionate world.

But there are also free thinkers. This bumper sticker envisions a world where everyone respects one another. One day, both people and birds will cross the street without regard for others. Is that really asking too much?

Dino Disability

Yes, the T-Rex had pathetically small arms. But when it came to this dinosaur monster, there was nothing to laugh at. National Geographic claims: “One of the most vicious carnivores to ever roam the Earth was the tyrannosaurus rex. This well-known animal ruled the forested river valleys of western North America during the Late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago, with a gigantic body, sharp fangs, and jaws strong enough to smash a car.”

We are certain that we would have been chomped. However, we do have a benefit. We can clap along to our preferred tunes! T-Rex, we’re sorry.

Baby I Was Born This Way

It’s simple to assume that a driver is a crazy man when you see them swerving on the road. What if, however, we informed you that they were simply gay all along? That may come across as an odd conclusion. But this guy made a bumper sticker to describe his predicament, and we believe it makes a lot of sense. He turns out to be so homosexual that driving straight is impossible. See how that functions?

Be at ease the next time a car weaves in the lane next to you. They are not intentionally endangering your life. They are powerless to resist!

As childless as possible

Pope Francis has recently made headlines. Why? He claimed that not having children was a selfish decision. “It might be better, more comfortable, to have a dog, two cats, and the love goes to the two cats and the dog,” he said, denouncing the childless lifestyle. Is this a true statement or not? Finally, this marriage reaches its golden years alone and sour from loneliness.

But a lot of people today take this route. This bumper sticker disputes the pope’s arguments. The typical family depiction has been replaced by a man, a woman, and a pile of riches. However, no pets!

Life Is All About Choices

The fact is that relationships do not always last. America’s divorce rate has significantly increased over the years and now hovers around 50% for first marriages. Undoubtedly, the situation is “glass half full, half empty.” Yes, half of couples break up, but the other half succeed. However, this bumper sticker isn’t being optimistic. Divorce is one hundred times more expensive than marriage. That is sometimes the cold, unforgiving truth!

We continue to believe that the majority of people will pursue love when the time is appropriate and that not every divorce will be so acrimonious. However, divorce can occasionally cost more money than getting married. Yikes!

We Remember This Guy

Anyone who experienced the 1990s would undoubtedly describe it as prosperous. There were more than enough jobs for everyone, and the official statistics all appeared to be favorable. President Bill Clinton was at the top of the food chain, and he frequently gets the praise. However, when personal scandals broke, fans became split. Should they vilify the man who was providing them with a job? That was a hard decision for many.

This goofy bumper sticker illustrates the same problem. Undoubtedly, the expression is a touch rough. However, it has excellent wordplay, which we usually appreciate when traveling.

She Put a Spell on You

Many Americans attend church services on Sundays. They meet with the big man on that day, every single week, whether they are Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, or Roman Catholic. But there is also a sizable population of people who watch TV and hang around in their underpants. They are not leaving for anything or anywhere. Even crazier claims are made on this bumper sticker. Why wasn’t this lady in church at this particular time?

She was obviously preoccupied being a witch and a lesbian. She needed to cast spells and seduce women. We think there is no time for church in Hocus Pocus.

That’s a Smart Question

People do crazy things for money, and not all of it is moral. Most of us stop when something becomes unethical, but other people will go to any lengths. In the church too! Anyone might be tempted by greed. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

Even if we don’t fully understand what he meant, this bumper sticker raises even another intriguing thought. Why do churches always ask for donations if money is the source of all evil?

We Are Concerned

Moms work a variety of occupations today. Every field has both part-time and full-time employees. In today’s expensive world, some could even argue that two paychecks are required to make ends meet. Even still, we are troubled by this bumper sticker. This driver not only claims to be an escort and a mother, but she also takes pride in her roles. Are you as shocked as we are?

However, there’s more to the tale: Perhaps you read the sentence that follows, in which it is stated that the students attend Hooker High School. The difference is entirely due to that knowledge!

Slay or Stay Away

We are aware that dinosaurs once inhabited the earth. We’re glad we missed them while they were at their best. But in more recent times, knights had to engage in combat with dragons that breathed fire. These reptiles were a major problem during the medieval ages. Here, a bumper sticker wisely advises us to avoid interfering with their affairs lest we become a snack.

We Totally Agree

America has a learning disability rate of about 15%. 5–10% of people have dyslexia, a condition that causes difficulties with language expression or comprehension. Speaking, hearing, writing, and spelling may all be impacted. Additionally, you never outgrow the diagnosis. All you have to do is learn to deal with it. Oddly enough, you might possess a very talented mind in many other areas.

Here is an illustration of how they might interpret the text on the page. The bumper sticker aims to convey the idea that dyslexics are also people. However, as is clear, the words are all mixed up.

If Doggo Were King

At this stage, dogs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They were once wolves, but some of them are now weiner dogs. We adore the variety that exists within this species. The greyhound, the world’s fastest dog breed, is one of the breeds that fascinates us the most. The American Kennel Club claims: “The greyhound is a loyal, loving, and patient friend with a strong sense of independence. These elegant canines have captured the imaginations of poets, rulers, and artists for thousands of years.”

But this bumper sticker asserts that there is more going on than what first appears. It appears that the greyhound is more than simply a beauty. It also has intentions to dominate over humans.

Go Look Right Meow

Cats have nine lives, but they frequently push their luck to the limit. There are occasionally risks involved when people sneak into places they shouldn’t be. Many felines shelter between car tires in the winter to stay warm. When the wheels start to move, that is not a favorable position to be in. But in this case, we see that the driver is making a different claim. Why did he do what he did?

You might want to look under this man’s tires if you’re currently searching for your cat. There’s a chance he did it on purpose. We are startled by how honest he is about it.

Literacy Is Very Basic

This bumper sticker mocks the motorist for cutting it too tight. It’s not really spectacular if you can read this, but everyone else should be able to. But is it actually the case? The Barabra Bush Foundation claims: “Over half (54%) of American people read at a sixth-grade reading level or lower. Nearly one in five adults in America, or 43 million people, read at or below the third-grade level, yet just 10% of those adults are now receiving treatment.”

When expressed in actual numbers, that is quite astonishing. We are shocked to learn that there are so many Americans who are struggling. Maybe more than just a sticker has to be done!

Don’t Put This off

Much procrastination? It’s not just you. In line with WebMD “Procrastination is a real, ongoing issue for roughly one in five adults. You get a small mood boost when you refrain from doing something that doesn’t appear very nice. But this upswing is brief. Still looming over you, the avoided thing makes you feel guilty and stressed. The true causes of our procrastination are hidden deep within our psychology. Future events are typically seen as less tangible or real by us.”

We concur wholeheartedly with that analysis. Up until the effects manifest, the future does appear less real to us. In a goofy manner, this bumper sticker acknowledges the issue. But please don’t wait much longer!

Baby Daddy Drama

Everybody has seen the traditional family-themed window decals. Depending on the family members, the visuals are altered. We immediately see that this version is a tiny bit different. There are many different kinds of blended families, but this is not the kind you often honor. Mom and her four kids are pictured on the left. We are “baby daddy” and his other lover on the right.

We are unsure if this group is really enlightened or whether it is a cruel joke. However, we are aware that the entire journey will be filled with laughter.

What a Prude

Some people have a sensitive side, while others act anyway they choose. We believe that this frequently goes unopposed and that no one speaks out. That needs to change, and the transformation begins with a sticker. We believe that both in real life and on the road, limits should be respected. The same message is conveyed in this bumper sticker. The car sticker commands, “Don’t touch me.” This is not that kind of a car.

The actual definition of “that kind of car” is unknown. But it appears that in the past, there have been rude assumptions made about it. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our distance.

Confused Kitty

Some of us use computers, while others are cat people. There are a few cats that use computers. Although we are unaware of any, this bumper sticker illustrates what occurs when cats attempt to use technological devices. The animal seems confused about how it ended up on a bumper sticker, and we are too. It’s currently frozen in this printed form and appears perplexed.

We advise keeping electronics away from your observant cat as a smart practice. With those tiny paws, you never know what they might get up to. They can inadvertently create a bumper sticker and become entrapped. Stop that from happening!

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