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Hollow Moon: Propaganda of NASA or True Reality
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Hollow Moon: Propaganda of NASA or True Reality

Hollow Moon! a mysterious subject that is still unsolved and about which many mysteries still exist. For some, it is eternal truth, and for others, it is a well-planned drama. In this blog, we will discuss the “hollow moon,” “moon landing,” and other mysterious topics. So let’s begin.

Hollow Moon: Reality or what?

Many mysteries exist about the authenticity of the hollow moon. It is believed that the moon is made of rock and dust. and formed during the formation of the Solar System 4.5 billion years ago. It is very much in harmony with the earth.  Water exists in it.  The moon’s soil is solid and not hollow.  And various craters and geologic analogies exist. We hear in some special mediums that the moon is hollow and that animals live in it. Which is actually not true.

Concept and History of the Hollow Moon Conspiracy

The myth says that the Moon is a hollow structure made by either a very advanced alien civilization or an ancient human civilization. According to the notion, the moon’s surface is just a cover for its true form and function.The concept of a hollow moon first arose in the late 1800s, when a Russian scientist named Arseny Arkhipov claimed to have discovered evidence of one after studying Moon rock samples. Although most experts rejected Arkhipov’s idea. It made some scientists wonder whether the Moon’s surface may be concealing something more enigmatic.

Over time, the Hollow Moon conspiracy theory has developed and altered, and now only a tiny but devoted number of individuals hold it to be true. Some proponents of the hypothesis asserted that the Moon’s peculiar orbit, density, and gravitational field are evidence that it is hollow. Others claim that the Moon is the location of an underground extraterrestrial civilization.

The controversy around the Hollow Moon: Is it a spaceship or military base

controversy around the Hollow Moon
controversy around the Hollow Moon

There is no credible evidence or scientific proof that the Moon is a spaceship or military base. The Moon is one of Earth’s natural satellites. It was create about 4.5 billion years ago. Both people and robots have explored it, and most agree that it is a natural body in space. But conspiracy theories about the moon still exist. These theories are spread by people who say they have inside information or proof that the moon is not what it seems. Most scientists don’t believe these claims because they don’t have any solid evidence to back them up.

Most people agree that the moon is a natural celestial body that humans and robots have explored and studied. There is no good evidence that it is a spaceship or military base.

Hollow Moon Proofs: True and Mythical

The flood wiped out many of the ancient civilizations. Ancient Sumerian legend says that Enki and Enlil made the first society of people. On the moon, there is a cloud of water vapor. NASA thinks that the fact that water was available in lunar rocks will change how we look at the Moon. There was twice as much water as there is on Earth.

Craters on the Moon hold 600 million tons of water. When Apollo 14 found water vapor, it let water into the atmosphere. NASA’s explanation is unlikely since the tanks only held 60–100 pounds of water, and the cloud was there for 14 hours.

There were almost 100 miles between the tanks. Apollo rock samples were studied for 40 years before water was found in them.

Some Popular, controversial thoughts about Moon

Hollow Moon
Hollow Moon

There have been many debates, ideas and thoughts about the moon over the years.  Here it is:

The Moon landing hoax theory

It is one of the most popular and hotly debated controversies surrounding the first manned journey to the moon. This theory believes that Apollo 11’s 1969 moon landing was completely fake and staged. But there is different evidence against this theory. Such as rocks found on the moon, various pictures and opinions of astronauts.

The Moon is a hollow or artificial object

It is surprising that some people still doubt the existence of the moon. According to them it is just a frame work. But they have nothing to prove it.

Home of intelligent extraterrestrial life

Some people think that the Moon is a place of residence for intelligent life from somewhere else in the universe, whether in the shape of colonies or structures that have been left behind. Any scientific evidence doesn’t back this theory up, and most people think it’s highly improbable.

Portal or gateway

Some people think the moon is a way to get to other worlds or measurements. Any scientific evidence doesn’t back this theory up, and most people think it’s very unlikely.

The problems around the moon still a mystery. So, you can find news about it every day of the year. This blog has the most up-to-date information about the hollow moon conflicts. Stay on our blog site for more blogs like this one. Thank you for reading.

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