Have you noticed how Kim Kardashian's butt is 'shrinking'? - Brandlle
Have you noticed how Kim Kardashian’s butt is ‘shrinking’?

Fans believe Kim Kardashian had butt fillers removed after looking at some of her earlier photos. In 2016, the 41-year-old mother of four confessed to having butt injections. Fans and followers have noticed her physical shift, which has led them to assume that her rear is shrinking drastically.

Fans are worried about her body

Many were left wondering what happened to Kim’s famed booty, since she is known for her curvaceous shape. Fans have been seeing her decreasing derriere since 2018, but her most recent public appearance with her boyfriend Pete Davidson has fueled suspicion over the removal of butt fillers.

Kim and Pete made their first red carpet appearance as a couple in April when they dined at the White House. Fans with keen eyes observed that her buttcheeks appeared to have decreased, despite the fact that previous photographs of Kardashian normally displayed a bigger derriere.

Kim has been making public appearances in body-hugging outfits, so the smaller-sized bottom is obvious to detect. This notion was reinforced further after she published a photo of herself in leggings with her youngest kid Psalm. “Did you shrink your bottom?” “I swear her bum looks so different,” and “What happened to her booty?” were among the comments left by fans. Mark Ho-Asjoe, a surgeon, said OK! magazine, “Something was taken away. She has either had her butt implants removed or had filler dissolved or liposuction performed to lessen the size of her bottom. The primary difference between Kim’s bottom and previous images is the emptiness at the top.”

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