Have you heard about the viral 'Stranger Things theory'? Could Eddie be number 010? - Brandlle
Have you heard about the viral ‘Stranger Things theory’? Could Eddie be number 010?

Stranger Things 4 has been out for about three weeks, and it has absolutely flipped our worlds upside down. Fans have been deconstructing every single plot point that the new season has given us, and theories have been flying thick and fast.

Fans can’t stop speculating about what can happen and what might be revealed in Volume 2 when it arrives on July 1st, from Steve dying to Will and Lucas being Vecna’d and Eleven perhaps losing against this season’s major enemy.

Is Eddie Munson actually 010?

On TikTok and Reddit, one idea, in particular, has gone popular, and it includes everyone’s favorite Hellfire Club King Eddie Munson and 010 (Ten), one of the Hawkins lab kids. What is the theory? Some fans believe Eddie is actually 010.

In this tik tok we can see that there are several ‘proofs’ that point out how Eddie could be the 010. What’s the first proof? Eddie notes that he used to have “buzzed hair,” which is, of course, Brenner’s lab kids’ normal hairdo. Second, some speculate that the watch he wears on his left wrist hides his likely ‘010’ tattoo.

Next, while we don’t see any of the kids’ eyes pop in the opening shot, we do see blood traces on their faces. But 010’s face was never showing full on-screen. The idea claims that he may have survived in the room with Brenner.

Another argument in the notion is that when Steve informed Eddie about Eleven and her abilities, he wasn’t surprised. Others have just stated that 010 looks a lot like Eddie.

Could this be true – that Eddie is Ten?

Fans have already debunked the claim in the comments, as bizarre as it would be if it were real. Here’s why so many people believe Eddie isn’t 010…

Eddie is roughly 19-20 years old in 1986 since he claims that he’s retaken his senior year a few times previously. He would have been approximately 12/13 years old when 001/Henry Creel went mad in the Hawkins lab tragedy in 1979.

Eddie knew Chrissy in middle school, despite the fact that he had a buzzcut as a youngster. Eddie would have been in middle school at the time of the lab slaughter, based on his age. He would not have been able to reintegrate into normal life as fast if he had survived the attack and accompanying stress. He also wouldn’t have been able to entirely bury the massacre’s memory in such a short period of time.

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