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15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

#15 Bonci: Chicago, Illinois

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Rome has experienced several golden ages, and this one has seen them encroach on the Chicago region with their culinary prowess. Pizza al tagilo, in which the dough is cut and reheated as needed, is still the preferred method of delivery at Bonci, according to owner Gabriele Bonci.

The cafeteria-style menu options at Bonci literally change by the hour depending on what fresh ingredients are available. This is another incredibly distinctive feature of the restaurant’s menu. Flavorful toppings are enhanced by a light and crispy crust, making for a beautiful and delectable dish.

#14 Motorino: New York, New York 

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

When Anthony Mangieri made the decision to leave New York City in search of an untapped Neapolitan market, he was no stranger to making excellent pizza. He flexed his doughy muscles in places like Asia and Dubai, and it really paid off.

A cherrystone clam, Stracciatella cheese, and Gaeta olive pie is among the more than 15 lively and savory pies available at the New York location. Another features cremini mushrooms, fior de latte cheese, and sweet sausage that has been infused with garlic.

#13 Papa’s Tomato Pies: Robbinsville, New Jersey

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

One of the oldest continuously owned, family-operated pizzerias is Papa’s Tomato Pies, a business that has been in operation since 1912. It is said that because of their devotion to their craft, the restaurant’s original recipes have been passed down through the generations.

Family members of the Azzaros prepare fresh pies that are made to order and can be tailored however you like. You can opt for one of their signature Mustard pies, which feature spicy brown mustard as a flavorful backdrop to juicy, ripe tomatoes, or you can choose from the standard flavors of garlic and peppers.

#12 Santarpino’s: Boston, Massachusetts 

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Since 1903, Santarpino’s has been a Boston landmark, and they continue to make their famous crispy dough and tangy tomato goodness. The food on the menu is made from tried-and-true, grandmother-approved recipes, and the family is still actively involved in developing the fresh tastes and flavors that make the restaurant successful.

Customers at Santarpino’s favor single toppings, though some tried-and-true combinations have also made the menu over the years. Fresh cheddar cheese, seasoned ground beef, and onion are all generously used in the iconic Cheeseburger pizza. Pizza with butter-rich shrimp and garlic, as well as a creamy, delicious white sauce, may be required for more refined tastes.

#11 La Nova: Buffalo, New York

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

La Nova, one of Buffalo’s most renowned restaurants, will soon mark its close to 50th anniversary of operation. Young and old alike throng to its cozy little nook for a slice of their favorite flavors thanks to its wide variety of crust options and topping combinations.

The most ravenous morning appetite is satisfied by the deliciousness of La Nova’s Breakfast Pizza, which is perfect for those true pizza lovers who know that a craving can occur at any time. Mounds of fluffy scrambled eggs, Romano and cheddar cheeses, onion, garlic, and the trio of breakfast meats—hams, sausage, and bacon—are placed atop their distinctive bubbly crust.

#10 Pizza Hacker: San Francisco, California

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

The headquarters of Pizza Hacker are in San Francisco, California. Before opening the well-known brick and mortar establishment, owner Jeff Krumpan sold slices on the street. He creates flawless pies that appeal to even the most discerning palate by drawing stylistic inspiration from Ohio street vendors and true Neapolitan origins.

Along with traditional flavors like the Margherita and the “Top Shelf” Margherita, Krumpan also flexes his doughy muscles with other selections like the Puttanesca and the Get a Room, which is aptly named for how customers like to cuddle up with Spanish chorizo, Kalamata olives, marinated onion, and in-house made award-winning mozzarella.

#9 Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria: Chicago, Illinois

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

The first Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria opened in the 1970s, and because it was such a huge success, numerous additional locations have popped up all over the country. Lou’s family has succeeded in not only keeping his dream alive but also building something much bigger than any of them could have imagined. Lou passed away from cancer shortly after opening his own shop.

You can visit any of the more than 50 locations nationwide to see that quality and dedication to creating delicious food are of the utmost importance. You can create and savor a genuine culinary masterpiece by choosing a deep dish pizza with extra cheese or a thin crust pizza with vegetables.

#8 O4W Pizza: Duluth, Georgia

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

When owner Anthony Spina opened O4W in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2015, he sparked a significant amount of controversy. Locals hadn’t previously had authentic “Jersey-style” pizza, with tomato sauce covering gooey goodness.

Fans of this special variation of grandma pie, known as “Jersey-style,” pay homage to the stick-to-your-ribs goodness of the fried meatball pizza, which includes pan-fried meatballs, fresh basil, and parmigiano reggiano.

#7 Sally’s Apizza: New Haven, Connecticut

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Sally’s Apizza, which has been in business at the same address since the 1930s, is among the New Haven pizza elite. Pizza has a traditional thin crust with a light char, rich tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella on top, and it is delicious. Although the pies share a similar appearance to their inferior cousins, the labor of love put into making each pie gives it a unique flavor that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Sally’s creates its distinctive pizza flavors in a straightforward but delectable manner. A delicious substitute for traditional reds is a clam pie with white sauce, as is the distinctive Potato Pizza, which comes with fresh buffalo mozzarella, red potatoes that have been thinly sliced, onion, and rosemary. Pick your favorites and get munching.

#6 Totonno’s: Brooklyn, New York

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Totonno’s Pizza, which was born on Coney Island and has survived fire, flood, and urban sprawl, is the ideal example of how traditional design and culinary innovation can coexist. With their bubbling mozzarella, charred crusts from coal-fired ovens, and red-sauced glory, these NY classics are works of art.

When you browse their menu of delectable offerings, your mouth-watering experience starts with bold claims by Zagat like “only God makes better pizza.” To make your own unique masterpiece, select from a variety of fresh toppings, including broccoli, sweet sausage, meatballs, artichoke hearts, and fresh mushrooms.

#5 Micucci Grocery: Portland, Maine

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Since 1949, Micucci Grocery has been proudly run and owned by a family. It serves enormous pizza slabs that are baked and placed on shelves, standing as a historical landmark in Portland. Without a doubt, you won’t be tempted to eat more of their delicious, dense crust.

The deli and grocery selections at Micucci Grocery continue to set it apart from other pizzerias. Shop for all your favorite Italian treats to enjoy at home as you indulge in hand-selected meats, cheeses, and distinctive toppings.

#4 Zuppardi’s Apizza: West Haven, Connecticut

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

One of the famous pizza chains in the sleepy little town of New Haven, Connecticut, is Zuppardi’s. Since 1934, Zuppardi’s has carved out a distinct niche for itself in the renowned thin-style of Connecticut.

Traditional pies from Zuppardi’s feature spicy tomato sauce and white garlic-infused oil, which will delight the palate. Check out the Caesar Salad Pizza with a warm, fluffy crust and crispy rotisserie chicken on top if you’re looking for something truly distinctive.

#3 Pequod’s: Chicago, Illinois

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Pequod’s, a Chicago landmark beloved by both locals and visitors, was founded by the late great Burt Katz. The caramelized crust that burns its way through each crispy, cheesy bite is proof that Katz loved cheese.

To ensure the best quality and taste, the pizza artisans at the establishment advise limiting the number of toppings to five. There are options for pan pizza and thin pizza crust, and a selection of completely customizable toppings guarantees that every taste bud will be satiated in every single slice.

#2 Lucali: Brooklyn, New York

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Mark Iacono established the Carroll Gardens pizzeria Lucali in 2006, and since then, patrons have flocked there in droves. Customers and critics alike praise the traditional New York thin crust combined with the time-honored cooking methods. You don’t want to spend hours in line, so arrive early and eat something.

According to rumors, Iacono purchased his prime property in order to preserve some of his childhood nostalgia. Set where his favorite candy store from his youth once stood, he has made the food and the setting into something truly magical. Calzones and pies are equally impressive; pick your toppings carefully and get set for an exceptional pizza experience.

#1 Louie And Ernie’s: The Bronx, New York

15 Best Pizza Places in America Ranked

Customers can’t wait for the pies to cool down at Louie and Ernie’s because the location is so great. A disclaimer is posted prominently inside the restaurant due to the sausage and onion’s longstanding reputation for burning deliciousness.

Locals only know the toppings that go on top of the Godfather’s whole milk mozzarella, but it’s worth the trip to Lou and Ernie’s to experience the restaurant’s famous crusty, cheesy goodness for yourself. Go for the full in-person experience instead of skipping the delivery.

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