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The Uncomfortable Celebrity Photos Ever Taken

Celebrities make an effort to maintain a positive public image, but they are still people and occasionally don’t look as good as their publicists would like. Everybody has access to a camera, so any awkward interactions can be recorded and shared right away.

It’s undoubtedly difficult for A-list celebrities to always smile for a picture, especially when they’re just trying to get through their day. They constantly get interrupted to take pictures. Sometimes, whether it’s with fans or even other celebrities, you can tell by the look on their faces how uneasy they really are. Check out some of the most awkward celebrity photos ever taken by a camera.


Singer Rihanna may be a megastar, but she still values her alone time. One fan went out of his way to surprise her with a selfie, showing how angry the star was, but he didn’t seem to care.

It’s clear how drastically the fan miscalculated the effects of this candid camera photo. Rihanna’s face clearly conveys her disbelief at the tactless fan, asking, “Did you really just do that?”

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a genuine comedy legend who plays his craft with no remorse whatsoever. When a fan attempted to get a picture of the comedian with her young son, she discovered just how far the comedian would go to get a laugh.

You can see Murray deliberately mimicking the little boy’s expression of shock and confusion before he sobbed. Funny enough, even the mother appears to be amused by the whole thing.

Kanye West

One of those celebrities with seemingly unstable moods is Kanye West. He can be on top of the world one day and then need solitude to rest and recover the next.

Just by looking at his face, it’s pretty clear that these fans in the photo caught him when he was trying to avoid them. Even though the music legend wasn’t as thrilled to meet the fans, they must have been thrilled nonetheless to see him in person.

Kim Kardashian

Even the stunning and photogenic Kim Kardashian occasionally takes a poor picture. This incredibly awkward picture was apparently taken while she was attending a press conference for a cosmetics line.

The fan clearly obscured the starlet, but she was probably unaware of how much of the frame she was taking up. Kardashian is seen trying to maintain some composure, but her clenched teeth show how uneasy she was.

Tina Fey

With each role she takes on, comedy guru Tina Fey paves the way for aspiring young women comedians. As a result, she has paved the way for many other male and female celebrities to follow.

Fey doesn’t always want to hang out with everyone who wants to be her friend, though. For this picture, Ben Affleck, for instance, crept as close as he could as the actress was clearly flinching from the actor’s hold. It’s difficult to tell if Fey’s cringing was intentional or not, but it could go either way.

David Beckham

When it comes to their behavior at games, soccer fans can be a bit rowdy and frequently act in completely absurd ways just for the sake of being seen on television. David Beckham, a legendary soccer player, had the unfortunate circumstance of witnessing one of those events.

In this picture, a fan ran onto the field during a game to take a selfie with Beckham, who appears to be unsure of how this could have happened. It goes without saying that security gave this fan a red card.

Connor McDavid

Athletes in general are expected to appear in photos like any other celebrity, much like David Beckham did in the previous picture. Like Beckham, this does not only occur in the United States, as NHL star Connor McDavid can attest to.

An image from 2017 that went viral showed the hockey player posing with this couple at the Edmonton International Airport while appearing to be extremely uneasy. The Edmonton Oiler doesn’t appear to want to be in the photo, although we’re not sure if the adorable couple ambushed him.

Luke Perry

Teen heartthrobs had a great era in the 1990s, and late actor Luke Perry used his rugged good looks to make a name for himself in Hollywood. But if you’re a TV show icon, you’ll have to pose for lots of pictures with fans.

This fan is clearly ecstatic to meet her hero because she is tightly hugging him. Perry, on the other hand, is making an effort to keep some distance and hide a full frown, though it’s difficult to say he was successful.

Keanu Reeves

The fact that Keanu Reeves is a kind person in real life has spread. Few actors appear as wholesome in photographs of them as he does. He has dedicated his professional life to helping others and being a genuine nice guy. He has even been seen allowing other passengers to take his seat on the train.

These images of him interacting with female fans demonstrate what a gentleman he truly is. The actor is clearly holding his arm deliberately out of respect for them. It’s great to have Keanu as a role model for how to act in a time when impropriety seems to be fairly prevalent among so many in Hollywood.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the renowned creator of comic books, was a person like the rest of us. Therefore, if we had been taking a photo next to this costumed man, we most likely would have been grinning similarly to how he does in this picture.

Lee’s disappointment at the cheesiness of the fan-made Wolverine costume is clearly visible, despite the legend’s valiant efforts to smile. Fortunately, the fan seemed to enjoy himself while meeting this comic book icon.

John Travolta

John Travolta is a well-liked actor in Hollywood, but at the 2014 Academy Awards, he suffered greatly for a regrettable gaffe. His error was so well-known that people will continue to recall it for a long time.

He was introducing Idina Menzel, the performer of the hit song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. He introduced her as Adele Dazeem, which isn’t very close, rather than by her given name. Although the error made the night noteworthy, people are still interested in how it occurred.

Katy Perry

The singer Katy Perry’s relatability in real life surprises a lot of her fans. She has no trouble putting even the most awestruck fan at ease with her bizarre, absurd sense of humor.

This image serves as the ideal illustration of that. Although there is a large tattoo of Perry on the fan’s back, the singer has no trouble posing and acknowledging the fan’s unwavering devotion to her. The pop star showed kindness and generosity when another celebrity might have expressed discomfort.

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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, arguably one of America’s most popular actors, has repeatedly shown how morally upright he is. Having said that, this picture shows that he clearly has a sense of humor.

After a few too many, a fan made the unfortunate mistake of collapsing next to Hanks. The actor decided that this would be the ideal time to take a picture of himself having some fun with the unconscious brother.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is quite the character both on and off the screen, always the cheeky English bugger. You’re going to run into him in a few awkward situations eventually when you combine that with his love of women.

In this picture with a female fan, she tried to kiss Brand as the actor struggled to get away from her. It appears that she was unaware at the time, which may have been for the best in the long run.

Kristen Stewart

Since her breakthrough role in the teen sensation Twilight series in 2008, Kristen Stewart has established herself as a major player in Hollywood and has broadened her acting career. Fans are eager to take pictures with her, which is understandable.

As Stewart is all too aware, getting autographs is also a requirement for fame. She didn’t seem overly thrilled to meet this particular fan in this picture. It could certainly be stressful to live your entire life in the spotlight.

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