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Amazon: A Global Giant with Controversies

Amazon: A Global Giant with Controversies

“Amazon”. The brand which has been taken the market of world with amazing techniques and technology.We all consider Amazon as a online retailer. But if I tell you it is more than that? It is global online business giant with a lots of controversies and mysteries.In our today’s blog we are going talk about Amazon briefly. We will take our attention to the controversies, achievements and other things of this online business company.

Amazon’s Concept and History

Amazon's Concept and History
Amazon’s Concept and History

Amazon is started by an local American businessman Jeff Bezos in 1994. Mainly Amazon deals e Commerce and online business. At the time of the opening, owner of Amazon’s only sold books. But after some time they reswithced their plan and started to sell more items like electrical, home goods and all. Main success of Amazon emerged when they started to sell all the demanding products in cheap prices. Day by Day Amazon started taking control of the market and now it is the biggest fish in this industry.

Services and sister concerns

It is a global telecommunications and technology company with interests in e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming, among other things. Amazon’s services and affiliates include the following:

Amazon Prime

Free two-day delivery, streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, and access to a library of books and periodicals are just a few of the perks that customers of this monthly membership service enjoy.

Amazon Web Services

Services like computation, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning, networking, and more are all available on this cloud computing platform.

Amazon Music

Subscribers can access a large library of music and listen to it without interruption by ads for a monthly fee.

Amazon Studios

In addition to distributing their material on Prime Video and other channels, they also make films and television shows themselves.

Amazon Marketplace

This is a website that makes it easy for people or businesses other than Amazon.com to sell goods.These are just some of the numerous affiliated businesses. The organization has a wide variety of divisions, and it is always looking to branch out into new markets.

Amazon Controversies and Events Throughout the Years

Amazon Controversies
Amazon Controversies

After it’s establishment they started to taking control of every sector very smoothly. At now every online marketing shops tried to follow Amazon’s footprint. With this there are some controversies which take the attention of media and all.

From 1995 through 2020, it has been involved in a number of high-profile scandals and events. Here they are:

  • 1995 -When Jeff Bezos first launched Amazon.com in 1995, he did so in Seattle.
  • 1997-When it went public in 1997, it joined the stock market.
  • 2002– This company were accuse of selling products made in sweatshops back in 2002.
  • 2005-Publishers sued Amazon in 2005, saying that the company’s pricing policies broke antitrust laws.
  • 2010-In 2010, it came under fire for the working conditions and excessive hours of their warehouse employees.
  • 2011-In 2011, small business owners and lawmakers pushed back against Amazon for not collecting sales tax in several states.
  • 2014-In 2014, Amazon came under fire for its tax dodging tactics, which involved transferring money to countries with lower tax rates.
  • 2016-Some people have said that Amazon, among other things, spread false information and messed with the 2016 US presidential election.
  • 2019-Early in 2019, Amazon was criticize for burning fossil fuels and cutting down tropical forests to make room for its huge warehouses, which added to global warming.
  • 2020-When the COVID-19 epidemic struck the United States in 2020, this company was under huge problem for how it managed its staff members.

Revenue and earnings of Amazon over the years

If we see some statistics form various companies like Yahoo and statistica, Amazon rapidly grow their income in last few years. Its sales in 2015 were $107 billion. It was $232 billion in 2018.Amazon’s net income has grown steadily throughout the years as well. The firm earned $596,000,000 in 2015 after tax. It was $21.3 billion in 2018. See Amazon’s sales and profits develop over time in this interactive chart..


The graph shows that sales and net income have gone up steadily over time, with a noticeable jump in the last few years. That the company’s finances are doing well is evidence of its rapid expansion.

Amazon’s Social Impacts: Positive or Negative

Just like other big businesses, it has both good and bad effects on the society in which it operates.

Positive Impacts

  • With Amazon’s help, internet shopping has become more accessible, which is especially helpful for people with mobility issues or who live in rural regions with few retail alternatives.
  • Because of Amazon’s third-party seller program and distribution hubs, there are now tens of thousands more people with jobs.
  • It has put money into renewable energy and eco-friendly initiatives like electric delivery cars and carbon offsetting.

Negative Impacts

  • Some workers at Amazon’s fulfillment centers have said that they are under a lot of pressure and are tired all the time.
  • Small businesses need help to compete with then in the online retail arena.

That is all we have for today. For more blogs about Amazon or e-commerce sites, stay with our blog site. Thank You.

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