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Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Never before has leaving the house felt as urgently necessary as it does right now. Staying in a hotel can either make your trip unforgettable or seriously ruin the few days you get to relax from your regular schedule.

The hotel experience is a key component of any trip, whether you’re going on vacation or for business. There are ways to maximize any travel experience, even if your hotel options are constrained by your budget or other factors. Check out a few of the helpful tips that seasoned travelers have offered to make sure you are as comfortable as possible wherever you are staying.

Create Your Own Nightstand

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

There is typically a nightstand between the beds in standard hotel rooms. The perfect place to put your glasses, hotel cards, and keys at night while you drift off to sleep and imagine the perfect vacation day.

However, it might be a problem if you don’t sleep on that side of the bed. We do, however, have an original answer for you. Because hotel bedsheets are neatly tucked in, you can keep your valuables close by without worrying about tripping over them when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Create Your Own Speaker System

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Listen up, music lovers. Make your favorite playlists into something you can play in your entire room as you unwind or get ready for a night out.

You can turn your phone into a speaker by simply placing it, speaker side down, in a glass cup or coffee mug. In addition to shielding your phone from moisture and other impurities, glass instantly amplifies sound, enabling you to enjoy crystal-clear listening.

A Hair Dryer For More Than Hair

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

A soothing and enjoyable way to unwind is to take a swim in the hotel pool or hot tub. Even if you come to the pool in casual clothing, you might get wet from a chance water slide accident or errant child spray.

A strong hair dryer is provided in your hotel room. Running hot air over wet clothing will result in comfortable, wrinkle-free clothing when you need it most, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

Ask For A Corner Room

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Those of us who might be a little claustrophobic may find it difficult to stay in hotel rooms. Some people may feel a little more on edge than at home due to the large amount of furniture, the close quarters with others, and the evacuation plans.

You’re about to learn a little hotel secret: rooms in corners are larger than those in the middle of a hallway. You’re more likely to receive one if you ask for one. You can spread out in several different ways if you call in advance to reserve your extra space.

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Use Shower Caps Creatively

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Shower caps are still used by some people, despite popular belief. These tiny pieces of plastic have more surprising and useful uses than you might imagine, and while it might be necessary as you dash into the shower for a quick refresher between activities, it may also be necessary.

A shower cap can be used to store soiled shoes in your suitcase in addition to keeping your hair perfectly styled while you’re in the shower. Use a shower cap to cover germ-ridden television remote controls and other frequently used objects that might not get frequently cleaned if you’re particularly worried about germs.

No Charger, No Problem

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Sometimes, as we hastily pack our bags in order to leave, the phone charger is the last thing we forget. You don’t need to panic as your phone’s battery drains if you discover that you are without a cord when you get to your hotel.

While some hotels provide chargers at check-out, others might have extra cords from previous visitors. To keep your cord karma good, ask a hotel employee at the front desk when you first arrive, and make sure you return it before you check out.

Befriend Hotel Staff

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

There are other employees besides the concierge team who can assist you. You’ll be able to take advantage of extra benefits by being kind to hotel staff and befriending them, which may not be offered to stern and sour customers.

Find out the names of the people who assist you with check-in and room cleaning. They will be more helpful if you are friendly with them. You might soon find yourself in need of some hot towels after a long day of walking or extra cream for your coffee.

Find A Makeshift Nail File

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

As you pack your bags for your upcoming trip, the ever-expanding list of “do not take” items includes a nail file. We understand that traveling can ruin your manicure, but resist the urge to smuggle a nail file into your carryon lest you end up being asked why you’re going on vacation.

Matchbooks are frequently available at hotel front desks, and they can be used to fix broken or snagged nails while traveling. To quickly clean up your nails, use the strike pad side, being careful not to strike too hard.

Use A Coffee Cup For Juice

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Although breakfast bars are fantastic, why are the juice cups so pitifully tiny? OJ that morning is like drinking liquid sunshine, but having to keep refilling your cup before going back to your room is quite inconvenient.

Take full advantage of the fact that your breakfast bill is included in the cost of your room by grabbing a coffee cup instead of your preferred juice. Drink up, and remember that you will have plenty more cranberry and grape juice later.

Be Your Own Doorman

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

There are several instances where bringing a lot of luggage may make you regret it. One situation is when you are fumbling with the door, suitcases, and hotel key. It can be challenging to maneuver that large door’s intricate openings while still keeping an eye on all of your valuables.

Use another of those heavy-duty hangers to act as your own doorman by securing it around the top lock. You won’t need to repeatedly struggle with a keycard to get safely inside your room in no time.

Ask For A Wake Up Call

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

After a long night of sightseeing or partying, it can be nearly impossible to wake up for that 8 a.m. meeting. If you’re like most people, you can easily ignore an alarm and may become alarmed if you do.

The night before your important board room meeting, call your front desk and request a wakeup call, or perhaps two, to make sure you get up and move around when necessary. You’ll be ready to go after taking a hot shower and drinking a few cups of coffee.

Freshen Up Your Environment

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Even though hotels assert that they clean and sanitize their rooms every day, you might still smell unpleasant things or feel stuffy when you enter a room. Years of guest traffic, cigarette smoke, and pet odors all contribute to some stale air.

Consider bringing a car air freshener with you and attaching it to the air conditioning unit if you’re not a fan of the smell in your room. While purifying your olfactory environment, it will give you a burst of a familiar scent. Try dryer sheets if you’re looking for another way to freshen up a stuffy space.

Fill Up At The Gym

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Although it’s crucial to stay hydrated while traveling, most hotels don’t have a great selection of drinks to choose from. Many travelers are left thirsty by the expensive prices of vending machines or the fact that they only accept cash.

Fortunately, many hotel gyms have a free water filtration system set up right next to the treadmills and rowing machines. After a morning workout, fill your bottles before checking out of the hotel for the day.

Keep A Bread Clip Handy

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

Even though packing for your upcoming trip will no doubt cause you stress, there is one small item you can bring that will make a huge difference. A small, square clip like the one you might find at the end of a loaf of bread will barely take up any space.

Keep those charger cords off of your desk or dresser with this handy little item that fits in your wallet. Additionally, you can easily avoid having your headphones become tangled while you’re traveling by adding a bread clip to keep them from becoming bundled.

Consider A Credit Card For Extra Savings

Amazing Hotel Tricks That Will Impact Your Future Travels

In exchange for signing up for a particular credit card, some hotel chains will offer rewards. You can benefit from advantages that might not be offered to other customers by taking advantage of these package deals, which are created to benefit both hotels and credit card companies.

Hotel perks like free drinks, food, and even entertainment can all be obtained using flight points, purchase points, or loyalty membership. Make sure you are aware of the benefits before signing up so you can use it with assurance.

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