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Alibaba Group: History, Concept, and business Model

Alibaba Group: History, Concept, and business Model

Alibaba.com was established in 1999 by Jack Ma. It is one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world which is located in China. We’ve compiled a list of key facts about the company and the pandemic, including a brief history. And how the pandemic has impacted the company and a plan for the future.

History of Alibaba Group

Jack Ma, who previously worked as a teacher, established the Alibaba Group in 1999. The company provides electronic payment, shopping search engines, and cloud computing. In the beginning, Alibaba.com was a Business to Business (B2B) business company that help Chinese manufacturers to sell their products all around the world.The Chinese company’s initial public offering (IPO) on the NY Stock Exchange was the largest ever. Since then, the company has bought other businesses in fields like media, entertainment, and technology. Millions of people and businesses use its different platforms and services.

Alibaba Group Concept

Alibaba Group is a multinational Chinese company that specializes in electronic commerce (e-commerce), retail (including online shopping), the Internet (including online social networking), and technology. Jack Ma launched one of the largest and most successful e-commerce and mobile app companies in 1999.

The corporation runs a number of different operations, including retail, wholesale, and payment services. An online B2B marketplace called Alibaba.com brings together customers and sellers from all around the world.The business has many platforms targeted toward the Chinese market. Some of the companies the group runs include cloud computing, digital media, and entertainment. It is known for having a creative business plan. And being able to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world through its online marketplaces. The corporation has altered how people shop and do business online.

Business companies and sister concerns of Alibaba Group


 Alibaba Group: AliExpress
Alibaba Group: AliExpress

AliExpress is a sister concern company of Alibaba group. It is considered one of the biggest online marketplaces in china and the world. They sell all kinds of products like cloth, electrical items, etc. Anyone can buy various things from this online store at very cheap prices.


 Alibaba Group: Taobao
Alibaba Group: Taobao

Taobao is also an e-commerce platform, which mainly operated in China. Any person living in china can easily buy any kind of product from Taobao within a second. Also, the price range of the products is very cheap.


Tmall is also an online e-commerce portal, especially inside china. They are famous for their various offers throughout the years. They also add value to business clients. As an example, we can say advertising, marketing, logistics, etc.

Alibaba Health

It is an online platform of Alibaba.com that is focused on the health sector. They provide services like online medicine stores, healthcare services, pharmacies, and telemedicine services. Also, anyone can buy various health and skincare-related products like herbal items, dietary supplements, etc.

Cainiao Network

Cainiao Network is a Chinese logistics company. It began in 2013 as a joint venture between Alibaba Group and other leading Chinese logistics companies. Cainiao Network runs a global logistics network that delivers goods for Alibaba Group’s online shopping sites like Alibaba.com, Tmall, and Taobao. It also helps other merchants and businesses with order fulfillment and storage. The company wants to improve the speed and accuracy of its delivery services by using high-tech tools like artificial intelligence and robotics.

The controversy around Alibaba Group and Jack Ma

A Chinese businessman named Jack Ma made a million dollars by starting the Alibaba Group. One of the most popular accusations about Alibaba.com is they promote and are allowed to sell some fake products. In 2018, the USA marked this company as a notorious marketplace. Because anyone can fake an item very easily.

People have made assumptions about Jack Ma and Alibaba’s possible ties to the Chinese government. After Ma suddenly scrapped the IPO of his financial services firm Ant Group in 2020, his relationship with the government came into question. Some people think that the Chinese government’s recent crackdown on internet lending and other financial activities was the reason for the cancellation. They are also been accused of monopolistic behavior and mistreating employees in how they run their businesses. The corporation gets criticized in 2020 for treating warehouse employees during the COVID-19 epidemic. And Ma was criticized in 2021 for his views on the importance of education.

Final Words

That’s all there is to say about Alibaba Group and its activities today. We also try our best to address their sisters’ concerns, activities, and controversies. Stay with our blog site for more blogs about e-commerce giants like this. Thank You.

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