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5 products from Amazon.com you didn’t know you needed

Don’t try to tell me you have never just randomly run through some of the online stores just because you were bored or curious. Here, we have prepared some of the products we have come across all by accident on Amazon and we know you never knew you actually needed them – but now you do. You’re welcome.

1. A timer outlet that will help save the energy

5 Products from Amazon.com you didn't know you needed

This smart outlet with a built-in timer costs only $19 and will be very helpful in your household. It’s super easy to use – it will directly get attached to one of your existing home outlets. The outlet eliminates all the worry about turning off the devices in the house such as lights, curling irons, heaters, and others. There are three options for timer that can be set to shut these electronics off at 30 minutes, three hours, or six hours. Very simple and a must-have.

2. Silk pillowcase that feels so good on your hair and skin

5 Products from Amazon.com you didn't know you needed

These silk pillowcases come in as many colors you can wish for – they are soft and smooth and pleasant to the touch and there is not a single reason for someone not to have at least one. They are about $24 and made of 100% mulberry silk. Other than colors, you can choose different sizes and shapes. There is a discreet small zipper on the side that prevents the pillowcase from slipping off the pillow. They suit any bedroom decor and are not only nice for touch but a very pretty detail for the ambient.

3. A detangling brush that eliminates all suffering with thick hair

5 Products from Amazon.com you didn't know you needed

Any girl with a little thicker hair knows the struggle of bad brushes that take forever to brush through hair and eventually break or split. Well, this brush is a lifesaver. It can go through any dry, wet, thick, thin, straight, wavy, or curly hair. It’s strong and feels nice, and perfect for removing knots and tangled parts of the hair. It offers bristles of varying lengths and works particularly well at sorting and gliding through hair while minimizing breakage. You can get it for only $10 and it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

4. Warm motion-detecting night light

5 Products from Amazon.com you didn't know you needed

This small elegant connection is something that will bring an amazing change to the ambient of your home. It’s discreete during day and is very noticable during night. The compact size of the lamp and soft glow that it radiates make it an attractive addition to any room that needs a lighted pathway.It offers diffused lighting that it’s too harsh when going from dark to light, and it operates through a sensor that detects when someone walks into the room.

5. The smart – and reusable notebook

5 Products from Amazon.com you didn't know you needed

This futuristic smart set comes with one fancy high-tech notebook, an erasable pen, and a microfiber material that will help you wipe the pages clean when you’re done with the writing. The reusable notebook isn’t only handy when it comes to eliminating the waste, but it also allows you to write and upload your notes to some of the most used cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. It’s only $24 and will serve you till the end.

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