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20 Strict Rules the Royal Family Has to Follow

  1. When the queen stands, you have to stand too

It is actually a protocol everyone has to follow and is not a rule strictly meant for the royal family, but does conclude them as well.

  1. When the queen finishes her meal, no one can continue eating after

This is a rule that addresses only family dinners – the queen is the one that takes the last bite.

  1. Bowing and curtsying are required

Men of the royal family have to bow their heads when greeting the queen, while women have to curtsy.

  1. PDA is looked down upon, especially while travelling to forgein countries 

The members of the royal family even refrain from as much as holding hands.

  1. The members of the royal family aro not allowed to speak publicly about their political views

They are also not allowed to vote.

  1. Monopoly board game is forbidden amongst the family

This popular board game is forbidden in the royal family because, in the word of the Duke of York, “it gets too vicious.” Can you just imagine prince Charles flipping a table during a game of Monopoly, lol.

  1. Two heirs aren’t allowed to travel together

William and Prince George will have to fly separately once George turns 12.

  1. Members of the royal family aren’t allowed to sign autographs or take selfies

The Queen has revealed that she finds it “disconcerting” and “strange” when a swarm of people try to take selfies with her.

  1. They can’t eat shellfish

This is mainly because it is more likely to cause food poisoning by eating shellfish than other foods.

  1. The queen must always wear gloves

The reason for this rule is because of all the hands the queen has to shake daily.

  1. Women of the royal family must wear hats to all formal events they attend. 

Also, the fancier the hat, the better.

  1. But after 6 PM, the hats are replaced by tiaras

If an event is held indoors, the fancy hats get swapped with tiaras.

  1. You can’t ever turn your back to the queen

If the queen is speaking to someone, after the conversation is ended, she is always the first one to leave. No one is allowed to turn their back to her.

  1. The queens outfits must always be bright

Besides being a stylish icon, it also serves a practical purpose – so she can always be spotted in the crowd.

  1. Women are expected to sit in a certain way

There are two options –  legs crossed at the knee or at the ankle.

  1. If  the queen moves her purse from the left to her right arm, it is a signal for the staff to cut off the conversation she’s having at that moment

The purse is used to send subtle hits  to the staff, When she moves the purse from the left to the right hand it means that she is ready to finish the conversation.

  1. And when she puts her purse on the table, the dinner has to be over soon

When the queen puts her purse on the table, the dinner has to be finished within 5 minutes.

  1. Royal women are obligated to wear pantyhose

Apparently, bare legs are considered impolite, so the women are expected to wear pantyhose to all formal events.

  1. Also, they have to carry a purse, even if it is empty

It is believed that they look more relatable when carrying a purse.

  1. Queen’s corgies are fed with spatially prepared gourmet meals

They are prepared by an in-house chef daily and hand-delivered by a footman.

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